Floor tall cabinet for the kitchen

Practically every modern kitchen is equipped with floor cupboards. This piece of furniture can act as an independent element in the room, and be part of a fashionable headset. If the cabinet is chosen correctly, then it is not only functional, but also naturally fits into the interior.

The floor high cabinet for the kitchen has long ceased to be a luxury. Today is a necessity. In it is placed not only dishes and appliances for the table, but also part of small household appliances.

Kitchen cabinet advantages

The main advantage of such furniture is spaciousness, the question is most relevant for small apartments, especially if the kitchen area does not exceed a few meters.

In addition, a floor cabinet can afford any family with middle-income - this is a relatively inexpensive purchase for your own home or apartment.

Another positive point in having such a subject is that it is practical.Most kitchen cabinets are made of wood or chipboard, which is varnished. Thus, the design is very stable, withstands heavy loads, it is not afraid of mechanical damage, and in the case of cracks or scratches, it is easily removable.

A nice bonus is also the opportunity to paint a wooden cabinet with your own hands to match the wallpaper or the color of the walls. You can experiment, stick on it wallpaper, postcards, applications.

In addition - it is a very exciting experience, to lay out the dishes, various forks and spoons, souvenirs, vases on the shelves. For almost every hostess, this is not only a subject of relaxation after a hard day’s work, but also an exciting activity. For example, you can collect and display cups or beautiful figurines.

How to choose a cabinet

There are several points that you need to pay attention to before buying a wardrobe.

The wrong choice of dimensions of wood products can make a discord in your interior. Make sure that the cabinet is not too high, it must be in harmony with the furniture in the kitchen.It is advisable to choose furniture with a similar design. This also applies to the coloring of objects, and their texture.

Be prepared for the fact that if you choose a closet with a complex surface, suppose you have a rare type of wood, it will require special care.

A wardrobe made of natural wood needs special protective impregnation. Consider, when the surface is glossy - all dirt and even the smallest scratches will be visible.

When choosing a cabinet-case, pay attention to several factors, such as height, depth and width. The last two parameters depend on the number of things you plan to put in it, as well as the area of ​​the kitchen.

Before you place the new furniture in the room, think in detail about where the wiring and communications will be located. It is important that the sockets are not located behind the cabinet, but located at least a few dozen centimeters from it; they should always be available for use. Consider that usually a large number of electrical appliances are connected in the kitchen, therefore such a remote location of the wiring will avoid fire, especially if the cabinet is made of wood.

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Internal organization

There are several types of internal high cabinet for dishes. It all depends on what functions will be assigned to it.

  1. The cabinet has one or two hinged doors. On the inner side there is a horizontal shelf, which can also be removed at will. It divides the internal volume into two equal parts.
  2. In the cabinet there are drawers. The minimum number is two, the maximum is four. Their main advantage is that the contents immediately become visible. But on the other hand, the storage space for dishes is reduced.
  3. The symbiosis of the first and second variants of the cabinet. The important point is that the locker in this case serves exclusively for storing small items. For the doors fit more voluminous things.

Most modern stores offer a huge number of floor cabinets for the kitchen - it all depends solely on the wishes and capabilities of the buyer. The main thing is to understand how the interior will be in harmony with each other, and what their functional purpose will be.

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