Narrow Kitchen Cabinets

Features and benefits

Comfortable kitchen set - a pledge of order and comfort in the kitchen. He is able to create a working mood and make the kitchen a favorite gathering place for the whole family. But sometimes in our apartments such small or narrow, “trailer” kitchens, that it is not possible to place a standard suite on them. The best way out of this situation is a “narrow” set, designed specifically for small-sized kitchens.

In order for narrow cabinets to retain their functionality and be spacious, it is necessary to resort to some tricks. For example, wall cabinets should be high - up to the ceiling, which allows you to store rarely used dishes on the upper shelves. Also, do not forget that the simpler and more concise the headsets, the “easier” it looks.


There are many varieties of narrow kitchen furniture that allows you to conveniently place everything you need.

  • High pencil case.Does not take a lot of place and perfectly is suitable for storage of stocks of products.
  • Floor cabinet. Usually the most capacious element of the headset, where it is convenient to place pots and pans.
  • Wall cabinet. For a small kitchen is better to choose a wall cabinet with glass doors or with doors on the lifting mechanisms. Especially lifting doors are convenient for long, low cabinets, which are placed above the stove or above the sink.
  • Narrow bottle closet, 20 cm wide. Perfect for filling empty niches and storing all kinds of cans and bottles.

In the headset with the top cabinets, a narrow shelf installed under them looks appropriate. It is convenient to store spices, tea, coffee.

An original and practical solution is the use of various pull-out furniture - drawers, canisters, or retractable cutting boards in the table tops of the cabinets.


The most suitable material for the manufacture of kitchen furniture is laminated chipboard thickness of 16mm. The second most popular material - MDF - medium density fiberboard. As a rule, MDF is used for the finishing of the cabinet's facade, but this solution significantly increases the cost of the product.

Furniture made of solid pine is also in great demand. Such a headset always looks very beautiful and solid. The disadvantages include a high price and some bulkiness of products.

Color solutions

For small kitchens, it is preferable to choose light-colored furniture - white, cream, lemon, light pink. Together with the correct lighting, this will allow you to visually enlarge the space.

How to choose

The best solution for a small kitchen is considered a corner set, which occupies two adjacent walls. This layout is very convenient for the hostess and saves free space under the dining area. Another plus is that the corner wall cabinet is very roomy in size and is perfect for storing dishes.

If the kitchen is elongated, then a linear arrangement of cabinets along one wall will be more appropriate. This will save not only free space, but also money - narrow straight headsets are usually characterized by a budget price.

Of course, first of all, choosing furniture for the kitchen, do not forget to measure the room itself and draw up a plan of accommodation. Do not forget that the facades of dark colors "steal" space, and light, especially with glass doors - expand.

How to do it yourself

A homemade kitchen cabinet will allow you not only to save money, but also to get a product that fully meets your requirements in terms of size and functionality.

  1. It is necessary to make a drawing of the cabinet and decide on all sizes.
  2. Choose a material.
  3. Assemble the necessary tools (jigsaw, screwdriver, stapler with brackets, screwdriver, screws, hinges for doors, tape measure, pencil, building corner).
  4. Cut material according to the drawing.
  5. Assemble the frame.
  6. On the frame to assemble the panel, starting from the rear wall and ending with the doors.

Cost of

Due to the lower consumption of material for manufacturing, the cost of narrow cabinets, as a rule, is lower than the cost of ordinary cabinets. In the furniture online stores you can find a classic model of a minimum configuration from 1770 rubles. Prices for narrow canisters start at 2200 rubles.

Not the last role in the formation of prices plays a decorative design. So on the locker in the style of Provence, the price ranges from 3000 to 4500 rubles.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Creating an interior in a small kitchen is associated, first of all, with its functionality. It is always interesting and unusual to use narrow, sliding cabinets from floor to ceiling and sliding, rotating fittings.

Recently, it has become important to use cabinets without doors in kitchens. On the one hand, this significantly relieves space, but on the other, the type of food stocks and a multitude of kitchen trifles creates a feeling of confusion. In addition, the doors protect from dust, sunlight and flying drops of water and grease.

A stylish look will give an elongated kitchen a set without handles, with the doors opening by pressing.

Significantly help save space retractable folding table, "hidden" in the table top or between the cabinets.

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