Bravat mixers: types and purpose

 Bravat mixers: types and purpose

Repairs in the kitchen or in the bathroom are always accompanied by the choice of one or another necessary element that will not only ensure comfortable use of the room to fit your needs, but also emphasize its interior. Particular attention should be paid to the mixer, because the owner of the house will use it most often.

The modern market of sanitary products offers a variety of brands, among which the German brand Bravat is especially popular. She offers domestic buyers a stylish and high-quality mixers.

Product Features

The company Bravat was founded in the German city of Black Forest in 1873 by the ambitious young man Roman Diche. Initially, it was a small workshop that offered customers various wooden bathroom accessories, but gradually it grew into a large successful corporation.Today, it supplies reliable, unique sanitary products that satisfy all the needs of not only European, but also domestic buyers. The company also won an honorable second place in the world in the production of high-quality mixers.

Manufacturer policy is famous for its individual approach to each client. When choosing mixers, not only the client’s requests, but also its budgetary possibilities are taken into account. The company has a system of discounts for both regular and new customers, as well as annual promotions and sales. In addition, the brand Bravat cooperates with many large and well-known distributors of sanitary products, which supply them with quality products for the manufacture of durable and practical mixers.

Advanced technologies help to create not only familiar and optimal models for the traditional bathroom and kitchen, but also modern, unusual mixers of bold designs. Designers and engineers of the company keep track of new plumbing fixtures and look for inspiration, experimenting with shapes and bends of models, and also try to comply with all the requirements that a regular buyer places on products.Thus, among the model range, you can easily find the most suitable option for a particular interior.

The company appeared on the Russian market in 2012 and has since gained the attention and trust of many domestic buyers. The product catalog includes models of different shapes, heights and colors. And high-quality materials allow the use of mixers with maximum comfort.

Advantages and disadvantages

To the most obvious advantages of Bravat plumbing products include the following characteristics.

  • Good value for money. The catalog of bathroom and kitchen faucets includes products for any wallet that are not inferior to each other in quality.
  • Reliability. All new models are thoroughly tested for strength in a special laboratory at the company.
  • Warranty. Each product has a long-term warranty. Consultants are always going to meet the buyer, if there is a warranty case and promptly help solve the problem.
  • A variety of designs. The range offers traditional classic and modern models of mixers.
  • Durability.High-quality materials that are resistant to moisture, and the device models allow customers to comfortably use the mixers for over 10 years without breakdowns and deterioration of the appearance of the product. The mixers are also equipped with a triple coating layer, which provides wear resistance to alkaline media.
  • The ability to order the product via the Internet. Bravat has an official online store, where anyone can browse a catalog of available mixer options, ask questions and place an order with delivery in Russia.

There is only one drawback to the products of this manufacturer: it is problematic to purchase parts. In the event of a breakdown, and the warranty has already expired, the buyer may be faced with the fact that many parts will not be on sale. This is especially true for curly and sophisticated design models.

In general, the advantages largely overlap the disadvantages, so the majority of domestic buyers are actively buying mixers of this company.

Browse popular models

Among the range of faucets company Bravat can distinguish models for the kitchen and bathroom.

For kitchen

When choosing models for the kitchen, it is important that their use is particularly comfortable.

For this, the manufacturer offers the following product options.

  • Low. Among them, the traditional version of the Drop series under the article F74898C-2 with a spout of 200 mm is particularly relevant. Its body is made of brass, the handle is made of zinc. Optimum dimensions provide convenience of its operation. The handle is made in the form of a lever. It is convenient for them to regulate the flow of hot and cold water. Another popular low-end model is the Drop-D series mixer, part number F748162C-1 with a spout of 200 mm. The body is made of brass, the crane itself is straight, at an angle of about 45 degrees. Using it is very convenient to wash kitchen utensils. The handle of zinc is made in the form of a lever. Mixer dimensions are standard.
  • High. These products are considered the most comfortable for washing dishes. Thus, the model from the series Waterfall under the part number F773107C-1 is equipped with a turning mechanism. With this mixer it is convenient to wash the overall kitchen utensils. The rotary valve ensures that water enters all the necessary places. The body is made of brass, and the handle is made of zinc. The temperature of the water is regulated by the handle-lever with one hand from the bottom of the case, allowing you to quickly cope with the task.

A classic model with a modern design can be considered a mixer from the Summer Rain series, article F777111C. It is equipped with a rounded, aesthetically pleasing, tall crane, as well as two classic zinc flight handles. This model ideally emphasizes the kitchen, made in the style of hi-tech or minimalism. For those who are looking for the most unusual design model, it is recommended to look into the range of collections Art and Iceberg.

For bathroom

This series highlights models for the sink, bath, shower and bidet.

  • For the sink. The model from the Stream series, article number F13783C-2, is relevant. It has a restrained elegant design and one swivel handle-lever. Ideal for a small sink. You should also pay attention to the more innovative minimalist model of the Spring series under the article F179113C-A. It is characterized by a high brass body and an interesting handle.
  • For shower. Interesting models for the shower with a thermostat. The modern Stream mixer, part number F93984C-01B, includes a Vernet thermostatic cartridge. With it, it is convenient to regulate the level of the water supply temperature, spending less time on its independent manual adjustment.It is possible to connect the shower to the bottom. The product from the Vega series article F9119177CP-01 has a simple, uncomplicated but elegant design. The mixer is equipped with a swivel handle. Holds a Kerox cartridge and has a chrome finish. Dimensions are standard.


Buyers note first of all an interesting appearance, which combines aesthetics and comfort of use. Among the range there are traditional and more modern models, including high-grade sets with a watering can. Polite consultants help to choose the model that is most suitable for height and configuration for a given case.

Also, customers note a long warranty period - up to 10 years. For many, this guarantee is more than enough before the start of a new repair and upgrade of mixers. Products please owners with their exceptional appearance for many years.

In the next video you will find a brief presentation of the brand Bravat.

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