Bronze mixers: pros and cons

The times when plumbing was chosen solely by the criterion of reliability and durability were over. Today, people strive to harmoniously furnish their home as harmoniously as possible, so the appearance of the mixers is of no small importance. To create a homely warm and cozy atmosphere is best suited bronze mixer.

Features and benefits

Bronze mixers are characterized by a long period of operation, they are resistant to high and low temperatures, pressure differences and chemical reagents. And thanks to the corrosion resistance of such a device for a long time retains an attractive appearance. In classic interiors, such a mixer looks stylish and noble, it will easily fit into an antique bath design, as well as fit into country style, etc.

It is not surprising that such advantages cause the high cost of the bronze mixer. but Today, manufacturers offer a more affordable analog - brass construction, coated with bronze. The latter is sprayed by electroplating, which ensures the continuity of the layers.

Brass, bronze-coated mixers are also distinguished by their durability, resistance to abrasion and damage, the effects of temperatures and aggressive components, which are invariably present in tap water. Although brass devices for bronze are somewhat inferior to bronze counterparts in these qualities. Of the advantages of the first, it is also worth noting the lower weight, which in some cases is important during installation.


Many people associate a bronze faucet with interiors in retro-style, however this design is not the only one where such a device looks harmoniously and stylishly.

In classical interiors, a bronze mixer emphasizes the status, respectability and good taste of the owner of a dwelling or office. It combines well with white sanitary ware, natural materials and tiles, high-quality textiles. Preferred palette - from light (yellow) to more saturated bronze.

The use of bronze mixers and accessories in light shades makes it possible to emphasize the freedom and ease of rural life, which is characteristic primarily of country-style interiors.

Light and dark bronze in Provence style elements, including mixers, also allows you to achieve the desired style. It is important to choose the ornate forms of the device in order to achieve maximum styling.

Bronze mixers also look good in vintage style. As a rule, they are combined with snow-white or, opposite to colored (usually black) furniture, and sanitary ware.

If you give the mixer from bronze or under it a minimalist design and ensure the simplicity of the forms, then it will be appropriate even in high-tech interiors.

Manufacturers Overview

It is believed that the most high-quality plumbing, including faucets, produced by companies from Germany, Italy. They are of high quality and durable. Minus - the high cost.

However, if funds allow, you should pay attention to the German mixers Grohe. Despite the fact that the manufacturer aims to produce modern products, in its line you can still find a few bronze models in retro style.The manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty on the products, but in practice the products of this brand serve up to 10 years, without requiring repair.

Italian faucets Cezares amaze not only with reliability and high quality, but also with elegant design. The manufacturer also gives a product warranty of 5 years, although they serve up to 10-12 years without deterioration of technical characteristics. The range includes both quite expensive and more affordable models. However, it is fair to note that in any case, this is an elite product.

One of the most famous manufacturers of bronze mixers is Zorg. Customers especially appreciate the kitchen faucet, which can be used both as a tap for tap water and for a filter, the so-called Zorg 2-in-1.

Users mark the high quality corresponding to the declared value. All parts are smooth, well polished. High spout is optimal for the kitchen - it is possible to wash even stacked plates. Durability and wide color gamut is another advantage of the product. As for the cartridges, they are mostly ceramic. This design is considered the most successful for retro interiors.

For the kitchen, you can also pick up double-lever models from brands Elghansa Retro, Teka, Kaiser Decor. These products are similar in their technical characteristics (have swivel outflow, horizontal installation), but at the same time significantly differ in design. Models from the first two of these manufacturers will look more harmonious in retrostyle, while the Kaiser Decor mixer in its style is still a classic.

Mixers Bohemia Many people are satisfied because of the ratio “good quality - reasonable price”. The range includes a large number of designs for the bath and shower. Thanks to the richness of the color palette (from light to dark bronze, as well as combined models) and the variety of design, you can find a suitable option for each room.

If you are looking for a bathroom faucet, then pay attention to the model. Cezares Retro VD2-02. This is a double-lever bath mixer with a shower. Can be purchased and universal single-lever design "WasserKraft Exter 1602L".

Positive feedback from customers also has a brand. Delinia evawhose products are made of premium quality materials. This ensures their reliability and durability. Author's design makes these vintage mixers a real piece of art.

How to pick up?

When choosing a bronze mixer, one should not be guided first of all by its appearance, but take into account design features. So, for the bathroom, you can purchase a traditional design that is installed on the edge of the bowl. This option is preferable in the stylized bathrooms, as well as with a lack of space in the room, irregular shape of the bathroom bowl.

A new generation mixer, installed on the side of the bathroom, is considered to be a cascade. Besides the mixer, it is completed with the crane, the switch and the shower equipment. Water is supplied by a powerful stream, which, however, flows without noise and splashes. Cascade mixer, as practice shows, allows you to quickly fill the bath. And due to the fact that the wiring is hidden under the bathroom, it is even suitable for rooms installed in the center of the room or away from the walls of the bowls.

In large bathrooms, in the presence of a jacuzzi, usually choose a floor mixer. The advantage is, of course, a large aesthetic appeal - this design allows you to hide communications for the supply of water under the floor.However, the ceiling in the room must be high, because the floor mixer implies the organization of a niche that hides the area of ​​the room vertically.

The wall version is usually chosen in antique-styled rooms. In some cases, it also serves as a shower faucet. Perhaps the only inconvenience is the great laboriousness of the process, since to install such a structure it is necessary to make a wall.

For the sink in the kitchen, they usually get a mixer with a high spout, so that it is convenient to wash a stack of dishes under a stream of water. In bronze, you can also make a tap from which filtered drinking water flows.

It is also important to decide whether the system will be lever or two-valve. The first ones are easier to install, usually cheaper, but it is more difficult to adjust the temperature in them.

It is a lever, the turn of which in the direction allows you to change the temperature of the water, and moving up or down - pressure indicators. However, for the kitchen, in most cases it is more convenient to use a lever - if your hands are dirty, you can open it with literally one finger (clean), elbow, etc.

Although from this point of view, the most convenient is contactless. He reacts to the hands held under the tap, automatically turning the water on and off.

Two-valve is also a classic version of the mixer. Water mixing is achieved by turning on by turning the hot and cold water valve, which makes it possible to more accurately adjust the temperature. It is believed that such a mixer provides a more economical water consumption (which is important in the presence of water meters) and it suffers less from hard water, but installing it is more difficult.

It should be understood that most retrostyle do not accept lever mixers. The style of the interiors of country and Provence will significantly suffer if you replace the valve mixer lever. The same can be said about the mixer for the hammam. Bronze devices get all the same, to emphasize the particular style of the room.

Before buying, evaluate the weight of the mixer - a quality product can not be too easy. Carefully inspect the surface - it should not be scratches, damage, rust.

How to care?

To maintain an attractive appearance allows proper care of the bronze faucets.First of all, it should be remembered that aggressive cleaning products containing abrasives, as well as metal brushes and excessively hard sponges are not suitable for these purposes. To give the plumbing from bronze the shine and brilliance allows the application of glass cleaner at the end of the cleaning procedure. Apply glass cleaner and polish the plumbing with a soft, dry cloth.

Strongly contaminated surfaces can be cleaned, taking 1 tablespoon of wheat flour, 6% of vinegar and salt. The resulting gruel is applied to the mixer for 10-15 minutes, after which it is washed off, the surface is polished with a soft microfiber cloth.

Preserve the elegant appearance and shine of bronze plumbing also allows linseed oil. Periodically (once a month and a half) it is applied with a thin layer on the mixer and polished with a dry rag. This will prevent the appearance of stains, and the pollution will not be eaten directly into the bronze.

You can remove dirt from joints and hard-to-reach places using a toothbrush or floss.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The most harmoniously bronze faucet looks in semi-antique interiors, classical and “village” styles.You should not get involved in a large number of details of a bronze shade, for small rooms it is sometimes enough just a bronze mixer. It reflects the electric light, which makes the room at home warm and cozy.

Stylish is the combination of the color and texture of the bronze mixer and the sink. Moreover, this option looks equally good both in modern interiors and indoors in retrostyle.

Somewhat expected, but, on the whole, the combination of a bronze mixer and a mirror frame, wall sconces looks quite attractive.

It is better to place the bronze mixer of light shades in the interiors executed in warm scale. Beige, sand tiles, soft lighting, light shades of textiles - all this harmoniously combined with this device.

Bronze is elegant in itself, therefore it does not require elaborate forms and designs. Conciseness in this design looks expensive and stylish.

Of course, if we are talking about a particular style, then an aggregate of a suitable shape should be selected. So, retrostyle implies a mixer with curved lines, additional accessories.Provence means more compact devices, engraved with floral motifs, artificial aging of the unit.

Video review of the Zegor kitchen faucet (bronze), see the next video.

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