Design of kitchen-studio with a bar

The kitchen-studio is not such a rarity in a modern apartment. In an effort to rationally use every centimeter, the owners combine two rooms into one. The bar counter in this case zoned the space and saves a lot of space. And the original design of the kitchen-studio with a bar counter creates a pleasant mood at any time of the day.

Functionality and features

A tall and narrow table with original chairs on long legs “modernizes” the interior and adds dynamics to it. In the apartments it is placed not for its intended purpose - it is used not only for talking over a glass. Bar counter can be:

  1. Full table. This option is suitable for a small kitchen and a small family. In this case, the dining table is simply not set, and family members take food at the bar counter.
  2. Additional working surface. When guests are located in the living area, it is convenient for the hosts to engage in cooking, talking with friends.
  3. Extra closet.There are models of bar counters with blank walls, inside which you can arrange a storage system for kitchen utensils.

For a large kitchen-studio, the option is appropriate when there is a bar counter and a dining table. At the table you can get together as a family, and the bar counter serves for a quick breakfast and snack. In addition, many mothers note that it is convenient to feed the baby at a high table.

But the most important purpose of the bar counter is space zoning. She physically and thematically is the boundary between the dining area and the living room. To emphasize the division of space into two zones, designers use different techniques: multi-level floor (the kitchen and bar counter are on the "podium" just above the living room), multi-level linen (the border passes just above the bar counter), arches or crossbars on the walls, and simple - different wall designs. Also, the floor in the kitchen can be laid out with tiles or laminate, and just behind the bar to lay a carpet - this will further emphasize the border of the zones.


Before combining two completely different in purpose premises in one, it is worth weighing all the pros and cons.The lack of walls expands the space. In the house there is a cozy room for parties, and on weekdays the whole family has the opportunity to stay close, even if everyone does their own business. However, the kitchen-studio requires perfect order. It is impossible to leave a mountain of dirty dishes for the night or forget to take out the garbage bag. In addition, even the most modern exhaust system does not relieve food odors carried throughout the apartment. In one-room studio apartments, people essentially sleep in the kitchen.

To benefit from the repair was more than harm, before you create a design, you need to clearly plan where and what will be. The bar counter is usually not placed near the wall: if it is a zoning element, it must cross the free space of the room. Most often, the stand is installed parallel to the main line of the kitchen set.

Like the table in the kitchen, the bar counter can be an “island” or a “peninsula”. The design of the "island" - for a large studio. Although the bar counter is narrow in itself, but in order to be conveniently approached from all sides, the distance to the kitchen unit must be at least 1.5 meters.

There are original design projects, where the “island” is a fairly large and massive table, and the bar counter is, as it were, imposed on it from one side. It turns out a multi-level surface, on the one hand of which you can cook food, and on the other - sit and chat.

"Peninsula" is suitable for more compact placement. In this case, the bar counter continues to the working surface of the kitchen, turning 90 °. Its length in this case may be very different. There are kitchen models with a small counter, literally for 1 person - to have a quick breakfast in the morning, work at a laptop, etc. An extended stand for 3 or 4 people will seriously demarcate the space and can become a full-fledged dining table. The main thing is that with such a layout on the side there is a place for passage to the kitchen.

Rack-peninsula in the apartment can be done as a continuation of the window sill. In this case, the entire surface of the window sill and the "branch" in the form of a bar stand are covered with one type of material. This allows you to turn the window sill into a usable area, and the bar counter will be well lit with daylight.

Corner kitchen can also be created with a bar.Common options are:

  1. Letter P;
  2. Fully angled;
  3. In the joint with the working surface;

In small apartments, the first option is popular, when a small corner kitchen is complemented by a small bar counter on a pipe support. From above, the kitchen plan resembles an unfinished letter “P”. Most often, this rack has a decorative function. However, on it you can place a small bar with drinks and glasses, dishes, vases.

A fully angled stand is a more serious thing. The corner workspace is separated from the living area with a full-fledged semicircular stand. It performs the function of the work surface, table and storage system. If you hang the holder for glasses over it, you will get a full bar.

Butt spindle is another great way to zoning. At the same time, the height of the tabletops is made different to strengthen the distinction. The only negative is that you can sit behind it only from one edge.

If you have planned to make a kitchen-living room in the "Khrushchev", you will have to remove the wall between the kitchen and the adjacent room. It is not necessary to do this completely - you can simply create something in the form of a large open doorway - then the issue with zoning will be solved automatically.In the old houses, where there is no corridor, and the transitions are carried out from room to room, you can simply extend the doorway and make a beautiful finish. As an option - leave part of the wall and make it curly. If you have removed the wall completely (of course, having received the appropriate permission for this), then it is in its place that the bar counter should be installed.

If you are not ready for a fully open space, you can consider the option of a folding door that will fold into folds and fold out when necessary. In this case, the bar counter will be located inside the kitchen area.

When planning to create a combined kitchen-living room in Khrushchev, try to pick up light furniture, give up bright and contrasting combinations (they hide the place). The built-in equipment will help to save space, ideally - a headset hidden behind the facades.

A set of furniture in the kitchen often have to do to order. In this case, experts will help you correctly make all the measurements and allocate space. You can pick up the bar already to the existing headset. You can purchase a ready-made set of cabinets with an island or peninsular bar counter.

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Materials and design examples

The countertop of the bar counter is made of different materials. The most popular - wood and corian - artificial material, which is called "acrylic stone." It is lightweight, durable, takes any form and can realize the most courageous ideas of the designer. Drawing on Corian can imitate natural stone, or be any other up to your own.

Light air bar counters, which are not based on cabinets, but steel pipes, can be made of tempered glass. A popular option is glass on a tree or raised above a tree on supports with a height of 5-10 cm.

For expensive interiors, as a material for the countertops, you can use natural stone or valuable types of wood.

It is very important that the bar counter and kitchen set echo in style and color. It is not necessary to order them from the same material, but the overall picture should be harmonious.

In this interior, the bar counter clearly separates the kitchen work area from the living room. Since the sofa adjoins it, it means that it can be used only from one side.

Design solution - two-color kitchen.Rack echoes the color and texture of the material with the kitchen "apron".

An example of a rather decorative bar counter. It is made directly from the wall, and the originality of the project is that it has side and top parts. Special mood create lamps.

The unity of the form is also important to consider! The harmony in this interior is created by soft round shapes. A rounded arch, a rounded bar counter, round chairs and a carpet of the same shape, table, sofa and chandelier in the hall are easily connected into a single ensemble. Light wood, which is the main focus here, gives the interior a warmth.

A semicircular bar counter follows the line of a semicircular sofa. At the same time accents - yellow pillows, the seats of the chairs and the tabletop - link everything into a single space.

For a small apartment, where the combined kitchen-living room (also known as the bedroom) will be the only room, the bright colors of the furniture are best suited. The bar is adjacent to the work surface and serves as a dining table. In this case, the bottom of it is covered with glass, and the chairs are completely made of transparent plastic. So the designers did not allow clutter and visually expanded the space.

A very popular option for "Khrushchev" - a bar in the arch. It can hardly bear the function of a table, but it does well with the task of zoning and gives a stylish look to a tiny kitchen set.

With the help of the bar counter you can redistribute the space in the apartment. For example, rounded inside the kitchen, it "eats" the space for cooking, but expands the seating area. If the mistress is comfortable, why not?

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