Kitchen studios in a private house

The kitchen is a special place in the house. Here not only delicious dishes are prepared, a friendly family gathers at dinner. This creates a special atmosphere of comfort and mutual respect. When all households gather in the kitchen, they are in a hurry to share their news, to tell about the events of the day.

Modern kitchen is a combination of style, design, unexpected ideas and fresh solutions. In apartment buildings, the design decision does not allow for major changes in the restructuring of the kitchen. But in a country house, in the country, in your private cottage you can give free rein to your imagination.

A few years ago, kitchen studios in a private house were considered something of a fantasy. Plots of foreign films attracted fabulous design - a cozy dining room, kitchen-living room, combined with the hall, the main room in the house. The unusual design of kitchen furniture quickly became popular in Russia. And today, furniture manufacturers are happy to please modern designs that will make any kitchen stylish and beautiful.

A large kitchen-studio in a private house is the dream of any hostess.She imagines a wide hob, a variety of hanging cabinets and the presence of drawers, tables with doors, where you can hide kitchen utensils and utensils. And here is a wide dining table, at which both the closest ones and a group of friends who unexpectedly came to visit will fit. Today, these dreams have become a reality.


Opportunities for design development are not limited. You can use the existing kitchen and convert it in the cottage under the kitchen-studio. You can use additional adjoining premises - the nearest room, storage rooms. They will help to expand the area and install the necessary furniture and appliances.

Be sure to have windows - the kitchen-studio loves them. The wider the window, the more light, the cozier and more pleasant it will be. The style is chosen depending on the wishes. The most common is the village version. And to create it at hand there is everything you need.

You can make a studio kitchen in "straw tones" using wood, natural stone of light shades. You can think about the option "modern", filling the kitchen with only the most modern delights of household producers,use bright colors and rich colors. You can dwell on the "urban style", creating a design design in the city apartment.


One of the most convenient models of kitchen-studio is a corner one. She looks like a beech "G". One part is given to the distribution of furniture, cooking surfaces. And the remaining main one is the dining area, where the table and other interior items are located. If the kitchen is narrow and small, the linear option would be ideal. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the entire working surface is located along one of the walls, occupying its entire length.

It would seem, but where then will be the dining area? She is given the coziest and comfortable place - near the window. Drinking tea and looking out the window at the falling leaves or blooming greens, what could be better?

For a small kitchen-studio, it is advisable to select mobile cabinets and shelves in which you can compactly place everything you need in the kitchen at hand.

Another widespread version of the design of the kitchen-studio in a private house is square. It is difficult, because it is not easy to determine where the work area will be, and where the dining area will be.Most often the dining table is in the middle, and the work area - the letter "G" or along the wall.

But in this embodiment, you can use multifunctional transforming furniture, when cabinets for storing accessories may be under the seats of the sofa. Square kitchen studio is perfect for equipping the bar. It can be styled as a dining surface, but it has another purpose.

As in other design options, the square necessarily takes into account the presence of a powerful hood, which can have the most diverse forms.


Is it worth saying that the best finishing materials are natural? If funds allow, you can use the best and quality ones. Fashionable ideas include wooden designs for the kitchen-studio. There is a good floor made of wood, wall panels made of natural wood, a high-quality dining table made of beech or oak.

Other budgetary opportunities allow to use not so expensive initial materials, more available at the price. For example, the floor can be covered with linoleum, using laminate or tile is convenient and practical.

The walls can be painted and printed, or simply use modern color paint, glossy or matte, which dries quickly, does not have an unpleasant smell and stays on the surface for a long time. Many people use tile for kitchen studios, which is also a good option. Most often it is fixed in the work area.

Wallpaper is not excluded. In the kitchen-studio in a private house, any interior will look beautiful and bright with them, if the wallpapers are chosen correctly and with taste. Manufacturers offer washable wallpaper, wallpaper, which can be applied paint. Of course, the kitchen-studios should match their color range and design.


Decorations for the kitchen have always been in fashion. Beautiful and stylish crockery, ceramic pots, vases of flowers, small still lifes - all this will look organic and natural. Of course, it is worth maintaining a uniform style. If the “rustic style” of the kitchen-studio is welcomed in the cottage or in the country, then the decor should be suitable.

And if "modern" - do not deny yourself in bold experiments, you can even surprise your guests with a picture of nails or equally bright creative objects that serve to decorate.

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