How to choose a table in the kitchen

Kitchen table selection - this is an interesting process. You need to approach it with a bit of fantasy, a hint of dreams and a desire to realize your plans. Choose a table is not difficult, with a clear understanding of the issue. The kitchen is a functional area, so the materials must meet all your requirements. We will understand how to create comfort, embodying their ideas of interior design.

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How to choose

As a rule, furniture is purchased at the very end of the repair work, when the design project is not only fully thought out, but also put into practice. Then there is a clear understanding of which table to choose. Without the right approach to such things, you can make a mistake with the size, get upset and arrange the table top not at all where you would like. But this can not be allowed.

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Therefore, before buying, you need to pay attention to:

  • size is an extremely important criterion, since the comfort of the room depends on it.It is necessary to correlate the total footage of the space with the size of the model. The optimum ratio of kitchen to table is 1 to 6;
  • the shape matters if the design of the room is designed in a certain style. The form serves, first of all, to decorative functions. In addition, thanks to certain types of countertops, you can expand a small space or zone a large dining room;
  • production material is an important criterion, since the life of kitchen furniture depends on it;
  • general combination - thanks to this criterion, it is possible to balance all parts of the design, to correctly place accents using the location of the table top;
  • surface height - will help correct the lack of space or unevenness of the walls.


Models can vary by several criteria. The difference can be in form and material, functionality and size, color and height. For example, depending on what is your kitchen footage, the table will be selected based on this criterion: a little less, or maybe a little higher.

Please note that the size of the kitchen dictates which table to buy.With a small space, the design should be small and compact, even better if it is - part of the built-in furniture.

A circle

If you touch the Eastern beliefs, you can find that the round shape is a symbol of the firmament, harmony and unity of the family. It is noteworthy, but the lines of the round table produce an unusual effect: the smoothness of the overall design, the fluidity of the interior, and the unification of all those sitting at the same table.

Usually, the round shape has three legs in the support, and is best suited for the kitchen. An unusual option is to support one foot - this is a way to save space. Thanks to the table with a single base, you can visually expand the space, continue the kitchen line, or add the desired accent.

Bezugolnye tables are considered the most "delicious" options for the dining room - there is no association with office furniture and school desk. However, their location is quite problematic: you need a spacious kitchen and light shades of the walls. Moreover, this design is not suitable for all design solutions - it is impossible to place a circular shape near the wall.


One thing can be said about the oval table: it serves aesthetic purposes in the kitchen and in the apartment.The elegance of form and the absence of corners indicate refined style, but at the same time, safety. A small kitchen can accommodate an oval table, and for a safe pastime - the design is perfect, shocks and collisions will not occur.

The oval-shaped tabletop refers to the times of the classic and baroque style, but also fits easily into the standard interior, thanks to its maximum functionality. Headsets are best placed in spacious kitchens in order to divide the space into zones. Size is also important. - the table should not exceed the area of ​​the third part of the kitchen, otherwise it looks cumbersome and inappropriate. No one needs to reduce their kitchen space. The oval table, by the way, can accommodate about 6-7 people, but thanks to special extensions, you can accommodate two more people. This is his main advantage.


Classic forms are able to balance the space, to give completeness to the interior, to bring stability. A square table can be positioned more freely than a round or oval. Such form will ideally fit into the strict and functional design.Its location can be at the window, the wall and between the dining room with a functional area. However, the square shape is suitable for a family of two or three people, no more, and the accommodation of guests will already be problematic.

Design solutions allow you to use this form more universally: mounting without legs to the wall.


Another form of classics that is used almost always and everywhere. Almost all materials are used for such tables - from glass to stone. It is possible to have such a table in the central zone of the kitchen, by the window, in order to admire the views or attach it to the wall to save space. Thanks to the rectangular shape, at the table can fit 8 people. This form is so universal that it is considered as standard, serving only the functional parameters of the kitchen.

However, using design solutions such as painting, carving or finishing materials, you can make it a unique part of the interior.


The triangular table is a modern type of furniture. He appeared thanks to fashion trends high-tech and modern. If the kitchen has a small area,furnished in minimalism style with the use of glass and metal parts, the triangular shape is written perfectly. You can sit at this table on the strength of two people. The dining part of this design is absent, and the triangle itself can be used as a table top for placing fruit.

However, it should be remembered that this form will not perform its classic functions, but only serve as part of the interior.


It would seem, where even more non-standard than a table with a triangle? However, designers develop the idea, continuing to amaze. The multifaceted shape of the table, the retractable parts, at first glance, may seem somewhat fanciful, but this is not the point. Although these models seem to be wrong, they serve the economy and maximize the use of space: additional working areas, special adjustments to the forms for the left or right hand, and drawers. This is pure functionality that is acceptable both in small kitchens and in spacious dining rooms.


The main thing you need to pay attention to is not only the form, but also the material of manufacture.What is it for? To relate the technique to the design, correctly calculate the functionality and select the most suitable model. Tables can be:

  • from a tree - are eco-friendly and steady against influence. This type can be treated with paint, stain or special purpose oil. Wooden tables are classics for kitchen space;
  • from glass - are lightweight models. Glass constructions are used to bring lightness into space, to expand the area and remove the excess, at least visually. The glass must be tempered and as thick as possible - in this case it is safe. Most often used in modern style or minimalism;
  • from plastic - economic options. The material has its advantages - ease of installation, the ability to transfer. The bar counter of durable plastic looks very unusual - as a rule, high-tech style implies just such a model. The disadvantages include rapid deformation and instability to high temperatures;
  • stone - modern models for industrial style kitchen. The stone is the most resistant materials to the effects, does not absorb moisture, is environmentally friendly, easy to clean and does not give chemical reactions.When using a stone table, it should be remembered that this is a rather heavy construction, and it will be impossible to rearrange it. In addition, it is not suitable for the kitchen in a classic style;
  • from DPS - models are often used in small kitchens. Economical and simple option. The table of DPS is easily damaged, absorbs moisture, so it must be covered with special protective varnishes and films.

Interesting solutions in interior design

In order to fully determine the design, keep in mind some of the intricacies.

The perimeter of the structure should not exceed the size of 1.5 meters, otherwise the accommodation of all guests would not be very convenient. One guest needs at least 60 centimeters of space - this is how the necessary atmosphere of comfort is created.

To choose the right table, you need to focus on the number of family members, plus two more people - this way you can not only have comfortable dinners with your family, but also easily receive guests at home.

Wood and stone materials for the table will make it heavy, and move it in the future will not work.

The choice of countertops in the kitchen or dining part should be in color.Please note that the design can be either of the same color as the kitchen, or be opposite to it - this is how harmonious interior solutions are created.

For the floor of the kitchen, choose a laminate flooring, linoleum or any other moisture-resistant material - so the service life can be increased several times. According to designers, simple varnishing can not withstand the constant impact of water, heat and cold.

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