Computer desk for the student

The modern school curriculum includes the study of the fundamentals of computer science in elementary school. That is why, in addition to the usual writing, it is necessary to consider the possibility of purchasing a computer desk for the student.

How to choose

The range of computer tables is replete with diversity. But whether they all fit the child.

Choosing a table for the student initially you need to choose the appropriate height. According to the laws of orthopedics, the feet should be on the floor, and the angle between the thigh and the shin should be 90 degrees, the distance from the elbow to the tip of the fingers should be the same as the distance from the eyes to the table. Therefore, if you still buy a regular computer desk, make the child a stand under the feet of the required height, and also acquire a chair that is adjustable in height.

Standard table sizes - length not less than 0.9 meters, depth not less than 60 cm.

It is better to choose a table that will be equipped, in addition to a monitor stand and keyboard shelves, with additional drawers where you can put writing materials, exercise books and textbooks.

If the room allows, it is better to divide the space for writing and working at the computer, so it will be more convenient for your child to do both.

The desk here is not very suitable, since for most models the tabletop is installed at an angle, and it will be impossible to install a monitor on it.


Like all the furniture in the nursery, the computer desk is better to buy from natural solid wood. It will be durable, will not cause allergies in the child, will not “ban” the air in the room, make it easy to breathe.

Chipboard (chipboard) is not very suitable for children's furniture, although it is quite budget material. It eventually begins to release toxic elements into the air, which can cause allergies in the child and even poisoning. In addition, it is a short-lived material, the table from which will soon have to be replaced. But because of the cheapness, many people stop at buying a table made of laminated chipboard.

Plastic, too, as an option can be. Only, buying furniture from PVC, check all certificates of quality for the purchased products.

A metal table for a child will not work, as when working with such an attribute of furniture, the child will experience discomfort.


Colors can be quite varied.But you should still avoid bright colors, as they will distract the child from the lessons.

Standard brown and beige shades will be most suitable for a computer corner.

Popular models

Here are models of computer desks that are especially popular for the decor of a children's room.

Schoolboy - Style-M is a separate computer desk. On the side it is equipped with additional drawers and shelves. Its dimensions are 118x60 cm. It is made of laminated chipboard, available in two colors: wenge with oak-colored boxes and, conversely, oak-colored with wenge tsavo boxes.

Schoolboy - Class-M. This model is very similar to the previous one, but has additional shelves for storing books and CDs. The dimensions of this table are 60x125 cm, the color scheme is identical to the previous model. But there is an opportunity to choose the facade of the boxes with photo printing, which looks very stylish.

Schoolboy-1 Producer The variant is a regular computer desk with drawers, with shelves, the door of which is closed with a facade and open shelves for books. Its dimensions are 50x90 cm, which allows it to be installed even in a small room. Made of wenge or oak laminated chipboard.

Schoolboy-6 has a large number of boxes, a stand for the processor. This is a great option for equipping a teen room with everything you need for a work area. This table is painted in wenge / oak and Sonoma / truffle. Dimensions 60x125 cm, height of construction is almost two meters. Material LDSP.Transya table furniture factory Triya - great if your child has a laptop. Its design allows you to change the height of the table from 58 cm to 77 cm, also changing the angle of the tabletop. At such a table it will be not only convenient to study at a computer, but also to write and read. Made from laminated chipboard, the dimensions of the table top are 60x90 cm. It has a convenient drawer for trifles. Oak and wenge color.

Computer desk Schoolboy mini of the same manufacturer has a convenient stand for the processor, a high pedestal for the monitor and a separate shelf for the keyboard. This frees up space on the main desk, where lessons can be learned, and the computer will not interfere. Its dimensions are 60x115 cm. Wenge color. Material chipboard.

When choosing a computer desk for a child, especially if you plan to combine it with a written one, mainly based on the convenience of the student.

Ensure that the child is landing properly at work and do not allow a large amount of forward time at the monitor.

In this case, you save the health of the spine and the eyes of your child.

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