Dining table for a small kitchen

Unfortunately, not every apartment boasts a spacious kitchen and a huge number of people are faced with the question of how to arrange the furniture in the most functional way, place everything you need and at the same time save as much space as possible. And first of all, as the center of kitchen life, you need to choose the dining table.

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How to choose

Of course, first of all, when choosing a dinner table, you should be guided by your wishes and tastes, but there are a few tips that will help you choose the most optimal thing:

  1. Dimensions. Dining table for a small kitchen should not look cumbersome. Even a small table can seem several times larger than its size due to heaviness. You should not choose solid wood furniture with a lot of carvings and ornaments, it will look ridiculous. If you want a wooden table, it is better to choose a neat version with elegant narrow legs.
  2. Colour. The same with color.Dark colors, of course, look expensive and noble, but not in a small kitchen. They visually increase the volume of furniture, thereby, eating space. It is better to choose calm white, beige, light brown shades. Or if you want to make a bright accent, you can pick up a table, for example, sky-blue.
  3. The form. A round or square version will fit into a small room best. The round version will look refined, without burdening the space, and the square one is convenient due to the fact that it can be put in any convenient place: in the corner, against the wall, in the middle of the room.


Now there are a great many options and designs for small kitchens, all this is dictated by the fact that many people face the problem of a small room. Of the main types are the following.


Very comfortable, modern idea for a small kitchen. The essence of such a table is that it is easy to use and really takes up a minimum of space: it is built into the headset and, as required, is moved from there. That's all, even a child can handle it.It is best if such a table is equipped with a leg for support, because if it is not there, there is a risk of not calculating the load and breaking it.


It is similar to the previous version, but it is not built into the headset, but adapts to vertical surfaces, most often to the wall. When necessary, the table reclines, then folds back. Here it is important to pay attention not to the leg, although it will not be superfluous either, but to the fastenings that attach it to the wall. If they are of poor quality, such a table near the wall will not last long.


This type is not attached to anything, but is constantly located in the room, without taking up much space. The wings of this table can be lowered along the main tabletop or extend from under it, depending on the model. This option will be convenient for those who often have guests, because from a two-seater small dining table, it can turn into a real 4-5 seater table. Thanks to its convenient design, it can become angular as needed or stand in the middle of a room.

To save more space, you can buy a square folding table with dimensions of 60x60 or even a narrower version, 50 cm wide.And only at first glance, this configuration may seem inconvenient, in fact, this option will provide the most ergonomic use of the kitchen, and if there is not enough space, it can easily become 2 times larger. In addition, this option can be equipped with additional drawers for storing dishes, which will make it even more convenient and functional.


Also perfect for those who often receive guests. A bit like the previous version, but it looks more aesthetically pleasing. This type of construction has many variants, but the most popular is when there is a seam in the middle of the table that divides it into two halves. If necessary, the two flaps are moved apart, forming a space for the insert panel. Such a table is very convenient, it can grow up to half of its size, and pushing it easily and safely.

Bar counter

Very simple, inexpensive and stylish option that can be implemented in a variety of ideas and is popular not only with the owners of small kitchens. The tabletop can be chosen for every taste and even at home it is easy to fix it on any wall.Also a very beautiful kind of bar counter is the dining place in the window sill niche.

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Another convenient option that can always be easily moved and will not interfere under your feet. Most often the construction is as follows: a special rail is mounted under the tabletop, along which the table will move horizontally. The range of his movement depends only on the length of the rail, so that if you wish, you can also make it ride around the kitchen.


Here, rather, it’s not about small kitchens, but about general rules for choosing material for the dinner table. The kitchen is a very specific place, according to the range of different effects on the furniture. Therefore, it is necessary to choose material based on the following rules:

  1. Environmental friendliness. Of course, everything that somehow comes into contact with food must be environmentally friendly, otherwise it endangers people's health.
  2. Wear resistance. The material must tolerate exposure to high temperatures, dirt and moisture.
  3. Style. And, of course, the material should fit well into the overall interior of the room.

And from materials that have all the above qualities, the following can be identified:

  1. Solid wood.
  2. Metal.
  3. Glass.
  4. A rock.
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