Dining table for the kitchen

The dining table becomes indispensable in the interior of the kitchen or living room, where the family will gather every morning and evening, where invited guests will be seated. The dining table is selected based on the parameters of the kitchen and the direction of its interior; the choice of furniture is so huge that sometimes it makes it difficult to make a correct and fair choice in favor of a particular model from the first time.

This article will help to understand the models of the dinner table and determine the true direction in the choice, not to be mistaken in it.

Features and benefits

The dining table is in the interior of each kitchen and differs in accordance with the size of the room and its layout, kitchen design and its own functionality:

  • At the dinner table, households gather daily for breakfast and dinner, sometimes lunch.
  • Dining furniture gathers guests - relatives and friends.
  • In small kitchens, it can act as a zone for eating and cooking at the same time, if the worktop of the kitchen is not enough.
  • The dining piece of furniture will flow into any kitchen: miniature in square, medium and spacious kitchen-dining room.
  • For the interior of a modest kitchen and a room of medium size (up to 10-12 sq. M.), Folding models are traditionally chosen.


Types of dining tables vary according to their shape:

  • Rectangular kitchen models are most often found in dining room interiors and look concise in any interior. Rectangle shape models differ in size and functionality, but are equally suitable for placement in small and spacious rooms; for rational use of space in conditions of a narrow room, it is appropriate to place the furniture in a corner or attach it to a wall opposite to the cooking zone or perpendicular to it. In the spacious kitchen, a rectangular table is placed one meter from the wall, not pulled close, forming an island in the middle of the room.

A rectangular tabletop can have 4 legs or hold on only 2 legs, and one side of it must be attached to a wall or a window sill to ensure the reliability of a high construction. The built-in rectangular table allows you to save money on the purchase of a full-fledged table and create a complete interior.

A narrow rectangular table with a drawer with a folding mechanism will be a practical choice for a one-room apartment or a studio; place it parallel or perpendicular to the end group of the kitchen unit.

  • Modern oval and round high furniture models are advisable to choose if you have children in the family, because the furniture has no sharp corners and acts as a safe element of the apartment. Oval and round-shaped countertops harmoniously look in the spacious kitchen, because they require more space for placement and allow you to accommodate more guests.

Round tables on one leg will be a real decoration of a classic kitchen or room in the style of "Provence", "English classics."

  • square in shape, compact models of transformers are traditionally made in a small size, so as not to look too cumbersome; it is rational to purchase them for a small kitchen in the Khrushchev and install them against a wall to free up additional space.

The square transforming table will be a practical solution for a small apartment and can be used not only for dinner, but also as a bedside table in the living room or bedroom.


Glass as a tabletop material looks stylish and concisely in the composition of the kitchen or living-dining room. The glossy surface of the material will play into the hands of a small kitchen room and visually expand its space; an equally good tempered glass table top looks in the spacious room of a modern interior - hi-tech, minimalism, modern, futurism.

Among the features of the glass surface is worth noting:

  • The need for meticulous care of furniture; the glass surface tends to accumulate dust and “preserve” the fingerprints of households and guests;
  • If there are active children in the house, you will have to forget about the glass tabletop or choose models of oval, round shapes and cover them with a tablecloth so that children do not break the fragile and at the same time durable construction;
  • Glass elements of furniture are durable and of high quality, however transparent - this fact can cause discomfort for guests or residents of the house;
  • Glass tends to cool rapidly when windows are open or the air conditioner is on, which can cause another feeling of discomfort.

Wooden models are considered classic among the rest and have a noble structure and natural array color. The furniture from the array in the interior is harmonious in the composition of the classic Russian or strict English cuisine with heavy furniture and a wide space of the room. An alternative to heavy and expensive material will be MDF or chipboard - high-quality pressed wood countertops.

MDF at the heart of kitchen furniture will be an environmentally friendly and practical choice; it is sometimes difficult to distinguish material from real wood because of the similar pattern on the surface and the relief texture.

Countertop made of artificial stone looks stylish in the classics and the strict format of the kitchen. Practical, wear-resistant table top looks weighty and expensive, in fact it weighs a little and is relatively inexpensive.

Metal structures will be relevant in the creation and addition of a modern interior; They are heavy in weight and practical to use. As a rule, the table frame is made of high-quality metal, and the tabletop is made of artificial or natural stone, glass, plastic, wood, chipboard, MDF.

Plastic dining tables with a glossy top looks original, lightweight design allows you to mix furniture from room to room or within the same space, changing the image of the kitchen. The advantages of plastic models for the kitchen will be their low cost, a variety of shapes and shades, ease of weight and maintenance - just wipe the table with a damp sponge and not to think about how to remove complex grime.

Colors and decor

Shades of tables differ significantly from each other through the use of various materials - natural and artificial. Traditionally, the color of the piece of furniture is chosen to the tone of the kitchen set, the color of the walls or the floor, home appliances, or not attached to anything at all. For the harmony of the interior, it is important to maintain a single tone of the room: warm or cold, and to combine different shades from each other.

  • The white color of the table will be appropriate in the interior of any range and direction, it is important to choose the shape of the tabletop and its legs: for classic and romantic style, choose furniture of a round or oval shape on one massive leg or rectangular models with tiles.For a minimalist interior and high-tech style plastic models with a glossy surface or with photo printing will be appropriate.
  • Wooden furniture (solid wood or MDF) with natural natural pattern and wood texture will help to complement the interior in Provence style. Any wooden furniture in the kitchen will be appropriate for the classics - customary for us measured or strict English, dominated by dark saturated shades of furniture.

How to choose

The choice of table for the dining area depends on many factors, which we will discuss in this section:

  • Depending on the size of the kitchen-dining room choose furniture large or compact size. For small-sized kitchens in Khrushchev furniture fit square or rectangular shape with parameters, for example, the length and width of 80x80 cm or a minimum width of 50 cm.

The size of the dining table is chosen taking into account 60 cm width, which falls on one family member or guest, and the chair should not come into contact with the next or interfere with the free passage to the cooking zone, exit.

In the kitchen of a classic apartment format of 8-10 squares, select an oval, rectangular model 100x70 cm (length, width).Do not forget about an important rule: the width of the passage, or the distance between the dining area and the cooking zone must be at least one meter. For a spacious kitchen, choose a table with large sizes from one meter long and 80 cm wide and more.

  • Can't choose tabletop material? Decide whether you will move the dining table around the room or move it outside, for example, to the living room? A positive answer hints at the acquisition of a light-weight table (MDF, chipboard, plastic, artificial stone), the opposite, or negative, suggests that you can consider options for a table made of heavy solid wood or metal.
  • It is necessary to determine the fact of how often guests drop in on you and in what quantity. In any case, for a small apartment it would be appropriate to purchase a compact folding model of dining room furniture with an additional margin of 30 cm and higher in the length of the table. If guests come often and as a part of 2-3 people, it is worth thinking about buying a large transformer table, which in everyday life resembles a low cabinet, and for a while the feast turns into a full-fledged dining area for 6-8 people.
  • How to choose the shape of the table? The rectangular shape is more common and allows you to fit the number of people from 4 for not folding model. The oval table will be an excellent alternative to the first, since it has no sharp corners and allows you to place 1-2 people more behind you - at the “corners”.
  • The round table takes up more space even in spite of its compact size; To save space, install it in the corner of the dining room, and when the guests invade, simply move it to the center of the room and get a couple more empty seats.

Wall design above the dining table

The wall above the dining table should not be empty, otherwise it will deprive the interior of completeness and charm. In the rustic interior, open shelves or panels in massive wooden frames of white or wood shade would be appropriate. The shelves will become not only the decoration of the room, but also a functional object for storing dishes, spices and oils, grocery cans, open-type hanging structures are perfectly combined with flowers, candlesticks, a cookbook and other decorations.

Making a casual table in a modern spacious apartment means decorating the dining area with a functional sconce or a lamp.By the way, it is not recommended to hang a mirror in the eating area, it is better to restrict yourself to another decor.


It is advisable to imagine the location of the dining table before buying furniture, which will allow a rational approach to the search and selection approach, identify important criteria, material and parameters. In advance, create a plan for the kitchen-dining room and arrange the furniture so as not to clutter up the kitchen and provide space for each family member and frequent guests.

Traditionally, dining tables have a wall parallel to the cooking zone; This approach allows us not to lose free space and use the table “to the fullest” for the arrival of guests, moving it away from the wall.

The location by the window allows you to make the dining area bright and supportive; A window in the kitchen is in itself a pleasant phenomenon, and the most advantageous will look like a round model of furniture on one massive leg (for a classic or English interior, any romantic or rustic).

Place a rectangular tabletop closer to the middle of the room will allow its large square; Traditionally, the table is located 1-1.5 meters from the wall to provide extra seats.By the way, rational placement of the dining table allows you to place more or fewer people behind it, for example, a rectangular piece of furniture measuring 120x80 cm will fit 6 people at a location “free” from the wall, but if you move the table close to it, the capacity will decrease by only one person.

How to do it yourself

Making a dining table with your own hands is also possible, armed with a design project of future furniture with exact parameters - this will allow you to purchase the necessary material and components. On the web, there are original furniture sketches with detailed instructions on cutting out elements and assembling a finished product.

Top manufacturers

Italian dining tables look stylish and have excellent quality with high consumer characteristics. The famous western manufacturer Bakkoko (Aurora) produces elegant high-class furniture with an elegant form, among which there are tables for spacious dining rooms and living rooms.

Dining tables from Italy produce furniture brands Alivar, Angelo Cappellini, Dale, Francesco Molon and many others, which are dominated by unique design solutions and high structural strength.

The Russian brand Athena Oro is not inferior in quality and appearance to Western manufacturers, the price of furniture sets differs significantly from the Italian in the advantageous direction for the consumer. Oval and rectangular refined forms of furniture will become the accent of the kitchen interior and bring chic to it. Design solutions will allow you to create a unique space with excellent in quality and refined in the exterior design of furniture for the kitchen.

Famous manufacturer Maria produces dining tables of various formats: from compact folding models to large-sized structures.

Interesting solutions in interior design

The round table in the interior of the Provence looks amazing even in the conditions of a small square of the room; look how organically the piece of furniture looks the color of natural wood in a duet with a modest cooking zone and decor. Pic 1

The round glass tabletop is suitable for the modern format of the dining room, textiles or fur cushions for chairs will help to diversify the “airy” furniture. Pic 2

Furniture of rectangular shape and wood color is appropriate in any kitchen and does not oblige to bind the table to other furniture. Pic 3

Gentle and at the same time stylish interior has turned out due to the use of white furniture with a glossy surface of the facades and countertops: see how strict and airy the design of the kitchen space turned out. Pic 4

The predominance of white in the interior is a bold decision, requiring additional emphasis; In the next design project, this was the rich brown in the composition of the tabletop and kitchen floor cabinet. Pic 5

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