Folding glass table for the kitchen

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Glass, despite its simplicity and inexpensive price, is popular and is a wonderful material for different interior ideas.

One of the main advantages of glass is its transparent base. In addition, this material is resistant to moisture, temperature changes and environmentally friendly.

Glass reflects the surrounding objects and colors, thus it is absolutely in harmony with any interior and complements it. Also glass visually expands the space, does not overload it.

Through the glass tabletop you can see the legs, made, for example, from wood or metal. This adds to the situation of lightness and at the same time makes one show interest in the surrounding details.

Glass tabletops can be simple, frosted, tinted, have a certain relief and decoration.

Frosted glass, as well as simple, reflects light and colors, but only diffuse contours can be seen through it.Therefore, for those people who like glass, but do not like its transparency, a matte and tinted version will do.

Today, high-quality glass countertops are being created that cannot be broken or scratched like ordinary glass. Despite this, it is not recommended to hit the glass surface, put hot dishes and cut it on the table with a knife.

In order to avoid accidental injuries, on the sharp corners of the tabletop is better to purchase silicone lining.

What is convenient folding option?

Folding furniture allows you to wisely use the free space.

Additional free space may be needed:

  • for a small kitchen
  • if there are many people in the family
  • when guests visit
  • for cooking food

The folding mechanism of the product may be different. The table top can consist of two or more parts that can be folded and laid out if desired.

Thanks to this folding table allows you to create different ideas for the interior and change the existing environment.

Table top

Sometimes the table in the home interior is completely made of glass, often has a glass tabletop, and legs made of metal, wood, plastic and other materials.

A table with a glass tabletop looks more serious, combines lightness, elegance and at the same time the other qualities of the materials from which the legs are made.

Black, white, lime, blue, yellow, and red are well suited for the color of the glass tabletop and chairs.

The surface of the table top must be in harmony with the interior design.

It may be monochromatic or have a pattern, patterns and applications, geometric shapes, vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines.

Patterns can follow the contour of the form, are located in the center, or fill the tabletop entirely.

Diagonal lines, like other dynamic forms, will add to the room a sense of mobility and movement.

A table in the center of the kitchen with two perpendicular lines visually divides the room into four parts. Such a design will look especially good in a minimalist kitchen, or in a kitchen in which the zones are delimited: windows, sink, balcony, etc.


If the room in the kitchen, in addition to its main purpose is used for recreation, or, for example, reading, then the shelf in the table will be an excellent addition.

This shelf is designed for small things, magazines, phones, computers, etc.

She, like the tabletop, can be made in one color, or have a picture.

Through the transparent glass of the tabletop, the image on the shelf becomes visible. This adds to the interior a feeling of fullness and versatility.


The base of the folding tables has a lot of variations: from standard with four legs and up to twisted unusual shapes.

The legs can be functional, so you can change the height. So, the same furniture can be used with convenience by both a child and an adult.

In the classic version, the table has four, three or one leg in the center. One leg is well suited for a small table, the edges of which can be lowered down.

The classic version is easier to pick up for any kitchen, but if the unusual shape of the legs matches the surrounding design, then such a table will greatly improve the appearance of the room.

The unusual shape of the legs of metal and wood will look in many cases softer and more refined than the classic version.

For example, in natural design or in the kitchen where plants are located, a product with three legs intersecting in the center is very well suited.

This option also fits well in the kitchen with the advantage of household appliances and metal products.

In the first case, such legs of wood will correspond to the natural style, and in the second - constructivism, for which the metal is suitable.


Folding furniture is multifunctional. This makes it possible not only to increase and decrease the space, but in the process to create and change the interior.

When choosing a sliding glass table, you need to consider the following points: kitchen design, the purpose of the furniture, the number of people in the family, the presence of children.

A round or oval table with folding edges will look perfect in the center of the kitchen in the unfolded position. If one side of the countertop is lowered down, then the product can be put to a window or wall.

The furniture by the wall looks practical and functional, and the table by the window adds to the kitchen a feeling of space, freedom, sun, movement of the city - everything that we see outside the window.

In some small square tables, you can lower the corners of the tabletop. This table is ideal for corner kitchen sofas. The inner corner, which can be lowered, will allow you to sit comfortably at the table, while the outer corner will create a finished look of the kitchen corner.

Rectangular sliding tables are especially relevant for large or long kitchens. They organize space, look stylish and rich. This table can be folded and placed in the center of a square kitchen, or laid out against the wall. If the tabletop has two extreme sections of a separate color, the folding mechanism of the table can be additionally used in design variants.

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