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Kitchen furnishings are impossible without placing a table there. And to know its dimensions is quite important at the design stage of the design of this room. What sizes of kitchen tables are and how to choose the appropriate piece of furniture - try to figure it out.


Quite a large number of companies produces tables for the kitchen and many of these products are similar in size. And this is no accident. Back in Soviet times, there were standards for the dimensions of kitchen tables.

Standard table size depends on how many people this furniture attribute is based on. In addition, it is influenced by the shape of this product, namely: what form of its tabletop - a circle, oval or rectangle. Standard dimensions are measured in three planes.


This parameter in the majority depends on the growth of this or that person and is selected individually. For a specific family, it can be calculated as follows:

  • Since people of different height live in the house, you need to choose the highest one. If the tenants of an apartment with a small height would be uncomfortable to sit at such a table, then this nuance can always be adjusted with the help of a cushion on the seat or an increased length of the legs at the chair.
  • Since a person's height of 160-180 cm is considered the norm for the present, most of the models of kitchen tables are designed for this height. The height of the product in this case will be equal to 87-90 cm. This dimension will be the most comfortable for both men and women, and you can take a comfortable position when eating.
  • If your family is not tall and you are no higher than 160 cm, then the table legs should be a little lower, and the height of the product should be limited to 82 cm from the surface of the tabletop.
  • But a person's height may be even lower. If it does not exceed 150 cm, then the height of the kitchen table should be chosen not exceeding 76 cm. Only with this parameter of the dining table you will sit comfortably behind it and not have to reach for the dinnerware that is placed in the middle of this piece of furniture.
  • With the growth of more than 180 cm it is worth choosing these furnishing items for the kitchen of increased height. It should be 1 m from the table top to the floor.Only at such a table a person will not have to stoop, and his legs will not rest on the lid.


Another rather important parameter when choosing a kitchen table. It is calculated from the figure of 60 cm per person. So, if there are 4 people living in your house who sit on both sides of the table, then its width should be at least 120 cm. Only in this case you will be able to comfortably take a position, you will not push each other with your elbows during the meal.


For the depth of the table, the standard size per person is 40 cm. But when calculating this parameter, it is necessary to take into account that tureens, salad bowls, and plates with bread are placed in the middle of the product during the meal. For this purpose, at least 20 cm should be added to the calculation. That is, the depth of the table, if it is attached to the wall, should not be less than 60-65 cm per person. But if they sit at the table on both sides, then this parameter increases to 1 meter.

Form also matters!

But not only the size of the dinner table depends on the number of people in the family. The form here is also not the last. The above calculations apply more to rectangular tables. Factories usually manufacture tables of this type in the following tabletop sizes:

  • 6 persons - 150x90 cm.
  • 8 persons - 200x110 cm.
  • 10 persons - 260x110 cm.
  • 12 persons - 320x110 cm.

In this case, the depth does not increase from eight seats. This is due to the fact that from the end of the product according to etiquette only one person usually sits down.

For round pieces of furniture, the dimensions of the table top are calculated as follows:

  • 4 persons - diameter not less than 110 cm.
  • 6 persons - diameter not less than 130 cm.
  • 8 persons - diameter not less than 150 cm.
  • 10 persons - diameter not less than 170 cm.

The standard size of a square table, despite the fact that the width of the seat should be about 60 cm, should not be less than 90 cm. In this case, 4 people will be quite comfortable behind it. With a tabletop size of 120x120 cm, 6 people can already sit behind it. Large square kitchen tables are practically not produced, because they are not very convenient to use, and they take up too much space, while the tabletop area remains in the middle of not occupied kitchen utensils.

How to choose?

The choice of the size of the kitchen table, except on the number of people living in the house and at the same time eating, depends on several factors:

  • The most important parameter here is the area of ​​the room itself.After installing this piece of furniture in the kitchen should be a place for passage. And also for opening drawers and doors of the headset.
  • Finding the right shape for the dining table in the kitchen is also very important. Today, furniture manufacturers and designers often deviate from the standard rectangular, rounded shapes of a given object, using completely fancy types of table tops, but this may not always be appropriate.
  • The rectangular attribute is a classic variant that can be placed anywhere in the room. This piece of furniture can be put in the middle, move it slightly to the side or stick to the wall. It will look equally good everywhere, and will not hide additional floor space.
  • A square table will help to save a lot of usable space in the kitchen. Pushed into the very corner, it will become a place for eating a young family consisting of two people. But it is necessary to push him into the middle of the room, as four of them will be already placed behind him. And this is with a side length of only 90 cm.
  • A round attribute will add originality to the interior, and the absence of sharp corners will become very relevant if there are children in the house.This form of tabletop will help to seat people at a table much more than, say, a square of the same area. But this form has drawbacks. And one of the main ones is the impossibility to push this table to the wall. In addition, large tables become uncomfortable for communication and board games.
  • Oval tables can also be called a classic shape. They are indispensable in large families, in addition, create a special atmosphere in the kitchen, as most of them have a great appearance.
  • For small apartments, where the kitchen area does not exceed 6 square meters. m, quite popular to install kitchen tables semicircular shape. This piece of furniture, moved close to the wall, will occupy a minimum of space and at the same time will allow you to comfortably accommodate the whole family.

For large kitchens and furniture, it should have immodest dimensions, otherwise the table in it can simply get lost, and the interior of this room will look quite short.

What else to consider?

When choosing the size of the table for the kitchen, we should not forget that modern manufacturers have taken into account the love of the Russians to gather at the big table, and have developed models that increase their size.This may change not only the length of the attribute, but even its height. So, from a simple coffee table in one hand movement you can get a full-fledged dining table.

Also, tables are often transformed from round to oval or from square to rectangular. This is done by folding the sidewalls or applying in the middle of the liner design. This method can increase the number of people who can fit behind this piece of furniture in half.

Also, when buying a table, you should focus your attention on the legs:

  • So, the product on one support is considered the most convenient and fairly stable. At such tables, your legs will not interfere with anything, and you can take a comfortable position for you.
  • A table with two legs is the most inconvenient option, since it makes it impossible to comfortably seat someone on the ends of this piece of furniture.
  • Three legs are used only in round products. This table looks quite impressive, while not losing its functionality.
  • Four supports are classics, whose convenience has been proven over the years.

Whatever the size of the table in the kitchen you choose, do not hesitate to sit in the furniture store for him.Only this way you will be able to determine whether this attribute of furniture will suit you, and whether you will feel comfortable behind it.

Learn more about how to determine the size of the kitchen table, you will learn from the following video.

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