Modern models of kitchen tables

Comfortable kitchen is a favorite place where households meet daily for meals and socializing. The mood of each family member and the overall atmosphere in the house ultimately depend on the convenience of the table for family gatherings. To pick a table today is not difficult. Furniture centers offer customers a wide range of modern kitchen tables of any design, made of various materials.

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Dominance in the interior and ease of operation of the table is largely determined by the geometry of the tabletop. The surfaces of kitchen tables are most often rectangular, oval, semi-oval and round.

The popular shape of the table top is rectangular. This kitchen table can be installed in the center, moved to the corner, leaned against the wall by any side, using the room for zoning. The advantage of the model is the low price due to the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of cutting material in comparison with options with rounded lines.

Oval tables They are large and optimal in spacious kitchen or dining rooms, where there is at least 80-90 cm of space for passage and seating. For cramped kitchens, a semi-half is more acceptable, although it is rare. Semi-oval consoles are usually adjacent the straight side to the wall.

Round form looks good in the interior of any kitchen. Round, like an oval table, it requires the presence of a free space of at least 80 cm around it. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient to sit down and walk near it. Round and oval models are suitable for use in families with children, as they have no traumatic corners.

Rare countertop triangular shape It is appropriate for a table standing exactly in the center of the room, or attached one side to the wall or window sill. The design of such a small-sized table would be an acceptable option for a single person or for a family of two without children.

For long-term operation and preserve the appearance of the table should be cared for. After each meal, wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Inside the table cover should be cleaned at least once a week.If necessary, use a soap solution. In order to avoid damage, in no case should the surface be scraped with a knife blade. Cutting should be done by placing a chopping board.

Color solutions in the interior

Selecting an important element of modern kitchen, it is not at all necessary to perfectly match the color of the tabletop with the color of the headset. Depending on the solution of the space and the taste of the owner of the dwelling, the dinner group can be in tune or contrast with the surrounding pieces of furniture and wall decor.

If the table in the kitchen, decorated with light materials, among the furniture with white facades is a key role, it can be, for example, black, red or orange.

A table with a visually weightless frame of glass and metal can complement a kitchen of any color. A universal color solution will be a white tabletop, organically combined with classic and modernist style directions.

For such styles as "loft", "country", "Provence" will become an indispensable table decoration, carefully preserving the natural color of wood of various species or stone. Minimalism often implies a complete coincidence of the shade of the facades with the restrained color of the tabletop.

For a small kitchen

When choosing a model for a small kitchen, you should use the recommendations of experts:

  • When planning a meal in front of the stove, you should choose a table of such size that the distance that provides freedom of movement is at least 60 cm;
  • the dimensions of the table should be commensurate with the room, a wide heavy tabletop with thick legs will not look organically in a cramped kitchen;
  • even the small table will make bulky hanging edges of the tablecloth of dense textiles; therefore, it is better not to cover the tabletop or use a lace tablecloth or light napkin;
  • a model with transparent inserts will make the kitchen more spacious, visually pushing the boundaries.

Modern manufacturers offer different solutions for cramped kitchens that save precious square centimeters by discarding the classics with four legs and solid countertops.

A convenient option would be a plane of rectangular or semi-oval shape, fixed to the wall with a folding mechanism. For stability, the plane rests on the leg-strut. After a meal, the tabletop is easily raised to a vertical position.

The traditional model in the small-sized kitchen combined with the living room can be replaced by a trendy bar counter. The variant with the possibility of approaching from any side can be used for full meals, light snacks and drinking beverages, as a work surface for cooking.

The original solution will be a kitchen table made of plastic or wood board, built into the windowsill. In the space of the kitchen corridor, it will be convenient to have a roll-out table on roller bearings or a micro-tabletop, which is extended from the under-table of the cutting table.

Transformers have become a find for a miniature kitchen. You can install familiar to all models: sliding with an inner insert or folding book, which when folded, takes up minimal space and allows you to adjust the number of seats by raising the horizontal position of one or both parts of the table top. Samples of engineering allow you to turn a compact cabinet into a full-fledged dining table.

Choosing a transformer, you should pay attention to the layout method and try out several models with different mechanisms.It is important to find a model with reliable mechanisms that can successfully complement the kitchen set, so that the transformable elements: wings, tabs or sliding boards can fully realize their functions in a limited kitchen space.

What to look for when buying

When buying a convenient for eating element of kitchen furniture, you first need to determine its size. Surface area should be chosen based on the number of family members, adding 1-3 people possible guests, given that each person will need approximately 60-70 cm length of the table top. If you plan to seat two people on one side of the table, then the length of the tabletop should be 120-140 cm.

A square table attached to the wall will hold three people. This means that the size of the table top should be 75 × 75 cm. For a small kitchen, a length of 60-80 cm is sufficient, a large kitchen implies a table length of 120 cm. The diameter of a round surface must be at least 90 cm.

The material from which the plane and supports are made will determine the appearance and match the piece of furniture and the style of the kitchen room. The quality of the front and circulating surfaces, as well as the number of supports affect the strength of the whole structure, are responsible for long-term operation.Available in models made of the following materials.

Natural wood is the most popular material. It has unique aesthetic, environmental and operational properties. Wooden table can serve for an unlimited period. A model with a large tabletop will successfully complement the classic interior. Expensive material requires careful handling.

The drawing of the MDF tabletop can skillfully repeat the texture of the wood. Environmentally friendly MDF wood is resistant to mechanical damage. The model from MDF will be suitable for an interior of any stylistics. The disadvantage is the short life due to the lack of resistance to moisture fluctuations. When moisture enters the MDF structure, the probability of its deformation is high.

Countertops made of high quality colored plastic, have become a recent trend. Plastic does not require complex care, tables made of this material are affordable. Modern polymers perfectly tolerate changes in humidity and temperature without losing the original appearance. The service life of the furniture will be long in the absence of direct sunlight.

Tables have become fashionable, in which the tabletop is made of thick, durable glass. Moreover, the glass surface can be of any kind: frosted, with photodecora, colored, glossy and colorless transparent. Large-sized glass models will decorate a spacious room, a small elegant table with an “invisible” effect will visually expand the horizons and add comfort to a small kitchen.

Solid models of natural or artificial stone can be of any geometric shape. Stone is an ideal material to resist the formation of fungus, absorption of odors, grease and dirt. The table is easy to clean, not subject to mechanical damage.

Caring for the countertop, lined with ceramic tiles, is very simple, you should only wipe the countertop with a damp sponge. An interesting move will be the use of tiles with the same pattern in the design of the table and kitchen apron. The surface of matte or glossy ceramics can imitate various materials: wood, metals, stone. The size and color palette of small tiles will lay out a mosaic panel.

The most stable, variant of the kitchen table with a square rectangular or oval plane usually has four legs.A round tabletop, whether on a model for a dining table or a coffee table, usually involves three legs. Depending on the massiveness, the circle and the oval can rest on one leg. Furniture fashion allows models on two fancifully curved X-shaped or spaced apart supports from a solid solid wood.

Unusual models

Today, furniture makers are increasingly implementing unusual designer finds in the supporting elements of kitchen furniture. With modern interiors in the styles of minimalism, hi-tech and classic perfectly harmonized legs, made of metal with a chrome-plated finish. Sparkling chrome supports can be excessively massive or, on the contrary, extremely lightweight with varying degrees of curvature, resembling the legs of giant insects. Particular attention is focused on the artistic splendor and metallic luster of the legs, located under the table top of transparent tempered glass.

The models with forged metal supports that embody the bold fantasies of the artists, giving maximum stability to the structures, look winning.Furniture with forged legs is versatile, practical and easy to maintain. Elements of forging organically fit into the interiors of classic, retro or rustic style.

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