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What should I do if I wanted to update the interior, and there is no possibility to purchase a new furniture or decorative element? Especially often this problem concerns the kitchen. The kitchen is the place where the whole family often gathers. An economic woman spends there a lot of time cooking. It is not surprising that many people strive to make the kitchen comfortable and cozy.

It is worth paying attention to the chairs. At first it may seem that this part of the interior stands out with almost nothing, but in reality this is far from the case. For example, a trifle like chair covers can drastically change the look of a room. It remains only to make the right choice.

Special features

In our time, the kitchen has long been not only a place for cooking. Here are family dinners, arrange real holidays, seating guests. Of course, in order for everything to take place in the most comfortable atmosphere, it is necessary to create appropriate comfort.And he, as we know, consists of trifles that pleasantly delight the eye.

The central part of the kitchen design is a dining table and, of course, chairs. There are many elements of their decoration, among which is also worth noting the various upholstery of chairs. At the same time, one of the features of the kitchen is an increased risk of contamination. Virtually any furniture here must be additionally protected, because in the kitchen every now and then you can pour or drop something.

Covers for chairs in the kitchen is an ideal option, combining the function of protecting the upholstery of the chair and decorating. It can be compared with a tablecloth, which you use regularly during holidays, not only to add some vivid emotions, but also to protect the surface of the table.

One of the nice features of cases is the simplicity in their change. You can always have several variants of covers provided for everyday life, or for special holidays. In any case, you can always use them as an element of decor, in order to quickly and easily update the look of the kitchen. In addition, the chair cover is a good way to hide the flaws of the furniture.Any annoying damage to the upholstery or the very surface of the chair can be simply hidden.

It is worth noting that relatively recently capes or furniture covers were considered a relic of the past, but now they are again becoming popular. Chair covers can be seen not only in the kitchen, but also in the children's room or in the living room. They still retain their relevance as a simple and spectacular element of decor, which can always be changed.

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There are several variants of covers, which differ not only in the material used in production, but also in the general structure:

  • Universal version of the cover. This is usually a loose cape or pillowcase, which can be fixed on the back of the chair. Its feature is the ability to adjust the width. Such capes are provided for chairs without armrests. There are also options for simple backless stools. In this case, the cover is made in a round shape and is fixed on the stool with an elastic band, or it has special garters that can be fixed on the legs of the chair;
  • Luxury covers. Their distinctive feature is a truly unusual design solution, which is made mainly through the use of expensive fabrics and materials.Such covers are often decorated with bows, patterns, satin ribbons and even artificial flowers. A characteristic feature is also the abundance of ruffles, which can descend to the floor and close the entire chair. Luxury cases always look quite graceful and spectacular;
  • The so-called "poluhehly." Depending on the material, they can be transparent or half transparent. As a rule, an elastic band is sewn into them, which covers the surface of the chair at the edges, due to which such a variant of the cover is fixed.

When choosing a case in the store, pay attention to the material from which it was sewn. Since one of its functions is to protect furniture upholstery, many manufacturers use materials that are highly resistant to moisture. Of course, a high-quality case will cost significantly more, but it will last longer and more efficiently.

Do not forget to pay attention to how your chosen product will cling to the chair. The most difficult is the free option, in which it is important to make the right measurements, as well as correctly fix the cape on the chair. Tight-fitting covers are recommended just because of the simplified fixation.using gum or garters.

Even purchasing a universal cover, you can decorate it yourself. For this, various brooches, ribbons, and bows are used. Especially well, such decor options are suitable for the holidays. However, designers do not recommend decorating the cape with too many elements. This will not only overload the design, but may create extra weight, causing the cover to slide down from the back, or the chair itself will start to fall back.

What fabric to choose?

Selecting a cape or material for self-tailoring, you should pay special attention to its quality. Choose any fabric fail. As mentioned earlier - the cover for the kitchen chair is provided not only as an ornament, but also performs a protective function. It should look light and beautiful, fit into the overall interior, and also be resistant to dirt and water. In this case, it is desirable to choose a material that without special consequences to carry an intensive wash, because you will have to put the cape on the chair in order quite often.

Modern manufacturers choose to produce covers one of the following fabrics:

  • Crepe Satin. This version of silk fabric was appreciated by many designers. Its structure is perfect for those who like to create various folds and ruches. Currently, you can find both natural crepe satin and its synthetic substitute. Outwardly, it resembles standard silk or satin, has an outer matte sheen and a slight sheen. Another advantage is its good wear resistance, which goes well with an attractive appearance;
  • If you prefer thin but dense matter, then you should pay attention to gabardine. The fabric is based on cotton, six or silk. If you need a more natural version of gabardine, choose the one that looks like a matte “patina”. If the fabric is clearly shiny, then this means a high content of synthetics. In any case, gabardine is a soft and pleasant fabric that easily tolerates frequent washing, resistant to stains, as well as to many cleaning products;
  • Supplex cases are often considered the most reliable option. This material is characterized by increased density and elasticity, easily stretches in different directions, which allows it to cover the surface of the chair well and not to wear out. In addition, the biflex is easily cleaned and does not deteriorate after an intensive wash;
  • If you need a cover that could protect the upholstery of the chair and not hide its beauty, then your choice is organza. This is a transparent material that is highly durable. Organza breaks down in the rarest cases, while it is practically not wrinkled and has a very pleasant to the touch structure, which easily lets air through. Externally, this material attracts a pleasant brilliance, which is provided by the characteristics of manufacturing;
  • Satin covers are considered to be festive. This kind of classic fabric has a pleasant silky texture and a glossy surface. A cover made of such fabric is well suited for chairs with a back, but can also be used for the seat itself, as it is resistant to wear. From the point of view of design, the atlas is a universal solution, since this material is able to perfectly fit and decorate any variant of the interior.
  • Netting covers may not look as stylish as those made from satin. Nevertheless, they are also well suited for a simple cozy design of home cooking. In addition, the mesh fabric is used not for the base of the cover, but for its decoration and decoration;
  • Brocade is a rather heavy material that is not just considered to be very expensive. We can say that if you use brocade to decorate your dining place, it will obviously increase in price. On the other hand, you can be confident in the quality and durability of such covers for kitchen chairs, because the brocade consists of a silk base and the addition of a pattern of metal thread. The only disadvantage of such a fabric is the necessary caution when washing it. It is best to immediately contact a professional dry cleaner;

As you can see, the choice of material is quite large. Having assessed the conditions and the interior of your kitchen, you can easily determine which particular chair cover fits in your case, or choose the fabric for making a cape. It is worth paying attention not only to the favorable price, but also to the quality of the offered fabric, since the effectiveness of the cover and how long it can last will depend on it.

The cape or cover on the chair has a lot of advantages as an element of decor and protection. At the same time, it is almost devoid of flaws, very easy to use and easily improves the appearance of the chair.For example, you can successfully pick up a case for Ikea models, which are distinguished by good accessibility and conciseness, but thanks to this protective layer they will produce a completely unexpected effect.

Due to the variety of options used materials, as well as ease of use of covers, you can experiment with the interior and design. For a more harmonious combination, it is best to choose covers for kitchen chairs and a tablecloth for the dining table from one set. If you have sewing skills and a great desire, you can always make them yourself with your own hands, using the same material.

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