Chairs for a small kitchen

A large kitchen in the apartment is an incredible success that facilitates its arrangement, design and selection of furniture. You can afford to implement almost any project with a large round table and chic chairs. But the trend of modern apartments is the presence of a small-sized kitchen area, where it is impossible to realize all your fantasies.

But even a small kitchen can be quite cozy and functional thanks to the creation of special furniture, including chairs.

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Special features

Whatever the size of the kitchen, it is the main place in any home. Food is prepared here and a lot of time is spent with the whole family. It is the kitchen space that has the unique ability to bring the whole family together. In order that the kitchen does not seem too cramped and that all family members could easily sit on it, proper furniture is necessary. Chairs for small-sized kitchens have their own characteristics and stand out strongly against the background of classic furniture elements.

The most popular models are folding chairs, stools, and all those that can help save space.

Varieties of models


The stool is considered a truly classic type of kitchen chairs. The variety of modern stools allows you to choose the ideal model for each kitchen. This type of seat takes up very little space, is very light and practical. In addition to the usual classic stools, there are modern models, which include ingolf. This is a high stool with a low back. Most often, these stools have four metal legs, which makes them quite stable.

With backrest

Chairs with a back have many varieties, but not all of them are suitable for a small kitchen. Folding chairs with a back and models in the style of Marco are considered ideal in this case. The latter are already considered classics and are popular with many homeowners. Their presence is distinguished by a curved metal back and a seat with soft upholstery. The Marco chair has a compact design and a large variety of colors, so it is ideal for small space.

Mini sofas

If you want comfort and softness, then give preference to small sofas for the kitchen. As a rule, this type of furniture has an angular design, due to which the furniture takes up little space. The choice of mini-sofas is quite wide, so you have the opportunity to create an interior in various styles, even the most exquisite. The only drawback of sofas for a small kitchen is their uneasy transportation. If you can put a chair in any place, and if necessary - hide it in a closet, then such a trick will not work with a sofa.

Bar Stores

If we are talking about a small studio apartment, most of them imply the presence of a bar counter. It is a kind of boundary between the living and dining area. Bar stools in this case will be an excellent modern addition to the overall design of the room. Many owners of small kitchens in the studio prefer high bar stools, which are not only comfortable, but also extremely stylish.


Stacked chairs and stools - a real find for the interior of a small kitchen. This type of furniture got its name due to the ability to stack one another.As a result, five chairs can take as much space as one. In such a folded form, you can store furniture when not in use. In addition, the stackable chairs make cleaning much easier, you do not need to move a lot of furniture to clean the floor.


Step-ladder chairs are considered one of the most practical and functional. They perform two functions: a chair and a ladder, if you need to climb up and get something from the upper shelves. Most often, these types of chairs are made from the best wood, are quite stable and durable. For the convenience of landing on a chair, it is equipped with additional crossbeams, the number of which depends on the model of furniture.


Natural wood

Chairs made of solid wood are the most environmentally friendly of all. In addition, natural wood is extremely durable and durable. The cost of such chairs, respectively, will be several times higher than all the others. The only drawback of wooden furniture is its inadequacy. Solid wood is a very heavy material, so the chairs weigh quite a lot.


Chipboard is one of the most popular materials for the manufacture of furniture. Chairs of pressed sawdust have a low cost, and the appearance is almost not inferior to its aesthetics of natural wood furniture. In addition, the chipboard chairs have a light construction and a variety of colors. But you should follow some rules when using furniture from this material. DSP is afraid of moisture, so it is necessary to completely eliminate the contact of furniture with water.


Metal chairs for the kitchen are not suitable for all interiors. Chairs made of soft metal look great in the kitchen space of high-tech style, which is characterized by cold metallic shades. Of course, all-metal furniture is not comfortable, so the chairs are complemented by soft upholstery or plastic seat.

How to choose

The choice of chairs for a small kitchen depends only on your personal preferences, but it is necessary to take into account some features. Folding chairs, step-chairs and high bar models will not be the best option if your family has fat people. They will not be comfortable sitting on these chairs.

How to care

Any furniture in the process of maintenance needs care, because dust does not choose where to settle it. As already mentioned, chairs made of chipboard is not recommended to wash with plenty of water. It is best to wipe the design of such chairs with alcohol sprays and a soft cloth. As for metal parts, they should not be in contact with strong chemical agents, as the metal will oxidize and lose luster.

Soft upholstery enough to wipe with a damp cloth moistened with soapy water.

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