Leather chairs

 Leather chairs

Leather chair is the epitome of elegance and comfort. It allows you to decorate any room, add respectability and luxury. Excellent quality and practicality are undeniable advantages of a leather product. Today you can find leather chairs in different colors.

The advantages of leather upholstery

When interior design is worth paying attention to the details, because they play an important role. Chairs with leather upholstery allow you to give the design elegance, beauty and charm. They indicate a good taste of the owner.

The main advantages of leather upholstery include the following:

  • Moisture resistance. The skin is not afraid of contact with water, so you can use a damp cloth to clean it.
  • Does not absorb various odors and aromas.This allows you to use leather goods even in the kitchen.
  • Not afraid of contact with dirt. Unlike fabric models, leather chairs do not absorb dust, they can be easily cleaned of any kind of pollution.
  • Environmental friendliness. Genuine leather, as well as its substitutes are environmentally friendly materials, they do not emit harmful substances.
  • Easy to care. To clean the chair from the skin will need only a damp cloth. Dirt is easily rubbed off from the surface.
  • Antistatic properties.
  • Good fire performance.

The only drawback of leather chairs is the fear of mechanical damage. This material is very easily scratched.


All chairs are divided into two groups: hard and soft. Each option has its advantages, but they are united by resilience, ease of maintenance, long service life and upholstery strength. Tough models will serve for many years. They are often chosen for furnishing kitchen interiors. Such products cannot be severely damaged by sharp objects. Leather planes can be easily cleaned of any kind of pollution.

Soft options Ideal for creating a comfortable seating position. The duration of operation of the product depends on the strength of the upholstery and filler.

Over time, the seat filler should be replaced, because with prolonged use it loses its elasticity.

There are differences in form and ability to transform. Modern manufacturers create stunning models of leather chairs, offering a variety of forms. The seat of the chair can be square, oval or round. Some options have a solid back, footrest or armrests. Some models are presented on chrome or steel legs, which give the chairs sophistication, originality and showiness.

All leather chairs can be divided into several types:

  • stationary;
  • folding;
  • stackable.

Modifications of the mobile type allows you to use them even in small spaces. They are perfect for arranging a small kitchen. They can be stored on the balcony or in the pantry. For families with children, the option with the ability to adjust the height of the product is particularly relevant. These models are ideal for location behind the bar,as the height of the rack requires a higher chair for comfortable seating. Chairs can be both torsional and static. Some options have a back or are equipped with armrests.

Among the stationary models in demand are leather armchairs with armrests. They are distinguished by convenience and high level of comfort.

Typically, such options are used for arranging the living room or bedroom, but they can also be used in the dining area, where traditional family ceremonies take place.

Office models

The leather armchair is a good choice for an office space due to its comfortable back and soft seat, the presence of armrests and footrest. This option is usually presented in several solutions:

  • Standard. The model is equipped with armrests and a plastic crosspiece.
  • Conference The chair is presented on runners.
  • Chromium. The product has a chrome cross and armrests.
  • Extra. It is usually completed with armrests and a cross from solid wood.

Stylistic features

Leather chairs in one color look beautiful and stylish. Such models fit perfectly in classic and modern style,they give the interior identity and aristocracy. Dense options are comfortable and soft when sitting. Also, leather chairs can be used to decorate a bedroom, living room or kitchen in baroque, modern, classic or high-tech. For decorating the kitchen, models with carvings on the back or on forged legs are an excellent choice.

When choosing leather items worth preference simple geometric shapes. A variety of colors allows you to choose the color depending on personal preferences and the chosen interior of the room. Leather chairs can be presented in beige, cream, dark brown color.

To highlight the chairs among other elements of the interior, to make them a bright accent of the design of the room, you should pay attention to the red or yellow chairs.

The back of the product should have a comfortable bend for a comfortable seat on the chair. For example, a bar stool on a high leg allows you to sit comfortably behind the bar. When choosing it, pay attention to the height and strength of the product, the quality of the skin, as well as the presence of a stand under your feet.Bar stool looks beautiful in the interior of the loft, urban-chic or industrial.


Modern manufacturers offer luxurious options for chairs, which are made from both genuine leather and substitutes for this material. Leather looks beautiful in tandem with other materials. Often in the manufacture of chairs used frame made of metal, wood, chipboard or MDF. The classic solution is the wooden frame chairs with leather seats. Soft backing can be used to improve the back of the product. This chair looks interesting and elegant:

  • Genuine Leather. Many manufacturers of chairs offer luxury models of genuine leather. This option is not cheap, but it amazes with its amazing and luxurious appearance. Genuine leather is characterized by excellent quality, because it is not afraid of moisture, is characterized by ease of care, and also does not lose its attractive appearance for a long time.
  • Eco-leather The basic design of the chair is often made of eco-leather, because it attracts attention not only high aesthetic properties, but also excellent wear resistance and practicality.Products from eco-leather are not afraid of exposure to sunlight, are safe for health, and also attract a variety of colors.
  • Leatherette A great alternative to genuine leather is leatherette. This material attracts the attention of stylish appearance. It can mimic the texture of various coatings. The leatherette can be stylized as stone or wood, since modern manufacturers apply various technologies for applying paint, as well as decorate the material with fashionable prints. Products made of artificial leather are also in demand. Leatherette is cheaper than genuine leather, but not inferior to her in elasticity and durability.

Usually chairs with leatherette seats have a metal frame that can be represented in various forms. Leatherette chairs provide an opportunity to translate into reality the most unusual design ideas. Stylization under the stone will look great in the interior of the living room.

How to choose?

To leather chairs served for many years and at the same time not lost their original appearance, It is necessary to carefully choose the product:

  • Need to look at the upholstery.Genuine leather should be soft and smooth, keep well shape. Simply sit on the chair: if the upholstery quickly returned to its original position, then such a product can be purchased.
  • It is important to pay attention to the seams. They should be smooth and neat. Double seams are an excellent option.
  • Do not forget about the frame. It must be reliable and durable. Chairs can have a wooden or metal frame.
  • Comfort plays an important role. It is necessary to pay attention to the height of the back, the presence of armrests, the depth of the seat.
  • The choice of color performance of the product depends on the design and style of the room where it will be located. Both natural and synthetic paints can be used for dyeing leather. Natural paints are presented only in black, brown and beige. Synthetic dyes allow you to choose any shade.
  • If you plan to choose a folding model, then you need to check the transformation mechanism. It should be comfortable and reliable.


If you properly care for leather furniture, then it will not lose its original appearance. This will also prolong the life. The basic rules for the care of leather chairs are listed below:

  • Skin requires careful care. It is strictly forbidden to use substances for cleaning leather products containing abrasives, use solvents or brushes.
  • If water is spilled on the seat, then you need to wipe it with a cloth, without waiting for it to dry.
  • It is forbidden to use iron or hair dryer for drying the skin, since such actions will only spoil the material.
  • To get rid of heavy pollution on the upholstery of a chair, it is worth using exclusively the means intended for the care of leather furniture.

Customer Reviews

Very often, when choosing upholstered furniture, many buyers prefer leather goods. They attract attention not only with a refined and elegant appearance, but also with good quality, enhanced wear resistance and practicality. Modern furniture manufacturing companies offer a wide selection of leather chairs, where everyone can choose the best option for interior design in one or another style direction. The rich colors will not leave anyone indifferent.

Leather chairs like their texture, as many models mimic other textures. The crocodile skin option is an expensive pleasure that not everyone can afford, but this texture will add to the interior of luxury, wealth and originality. Buyers like the ease of use and care. The skin is quite practical.

The only drawback is that it can easily be damaged by cutting objects.

On how to restore the leather chair yourself, you can learn from the video below.

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