Kitchen corner with table and chairs

Today in the shops you can find a dining group and a kitchen corner with a table and chairs. And those and other sets of furniture have advantages and disadvantages.

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Cozy solution

In the majority of apartments built during the Soviet Union and restructuring, the dining area was moved to the kitchen, which gave it extra space, but also imposed restrictions on the furniture used in it.

Kitchen corners - an offer that appeared on the market about ten years ago. They are suitable for most of our kitchens and often carry an additional “non-kitchen” functional load.

The basic principle of picking

The corner consists of a small sofa or bench, which is placed directly in the corner of the room. Complete with such a corner are a couple, sometimes more, stools or chairs.

Kitchen corners have undeniable advantages over other furniture:

  • they are comfortable, and the use of warm and natural materials will make them more comfortable;
  • it is a place of eating that allows you to place all family members in the kitchen;
  • the corner kit is often made collapsible, which allows you to configure it on your own;
  • tables are often made foldable, which saves space when the table is not used for its intended purpose.

Most of the mass - in the corner

The corners are designed so that people seated at the table still sit in the corner. On the side seats often sit or adult family members, or the owners or the hostess, meet the guest and serving dishes on the table.

It is convenient to sit in the corner with small children - there is definitely more space than on a chair or stool, which in turn reduces the likelihood of falling - after all, children constantly spin.

Structurally, the corner seat can be made in the form of a sofa or bench. Both options are found with the same frequency.

Chairs, poufs or stools

As additional seats in the corners are used chairs, footstools and stools. When they do not eat at the table, they are pushed under it, and when furniture is used, people are sitting on them. In order to save space, in small kitchens, they use stools instead of chairs - they have no backs, it means that it will definitely become easier to move around the kitchen when there are a lot of people on it.

Puffs carry additional functionality - they have a place to store anything.

We play from the table

Choosing a corner for the kitchen should start with in order to determine the number of people sitting. So, a table with dimensions of 60 by 90 centimeters is perfect for six people. Three or four will sit on the sofa, and two or three on the chairs or stools.

Availability of offers

Today there is a wide choice of kitchen corners, they are varied both in material, design and functionality, and in prices.

The main material for the manufacture of inexpensive kits - chipboard. Buy a kit that fits your conditions with the appropriate colors is not difficult. In extreme cases, it can be ordered in furniture stores.

MDF in combination with wood veneer or polymer film is a very inexpensive and practical option that looks quite solid.

Sets of solid wood - always look solid and expensive, but must correctly complement the style of the kitchen itself, which must also be made of this material.

There are also products with the use of glass, artificial and natural stone, ceramics, plastic, metal.The material used imposes certain restrictions both on the use and maintenance of furniture, and on the price for the purchase of such a kit.

The style and design of the kits sold are also varied. There are many directions:

  • classic;
  • high tech;
  • vintage;
  • pop Art;
  • loft;
  • Provence;
  • modern;
  • country and rustic;
  • Art Deco;
  • minimalism;

The style laid by the designer, as a rule, is based on certain conditions of use, which in turn imposes requirements on the table itself. Tables are square and round, rectangular and oval, based on a broken polygon. The most popular countertops are made of stone, glass and solid wood.

There are also top offers from branded furniture manufacturers - Verona, Poggenpohl, SieMatic and others.


The kitchen corner is the least whimsical in maintenance and care. It is enough to follow the following rules:

  • wipe regularly with a damp cloth;
  • immediately remove dirt on fabric, use stain removers only for the type of fabric used in upholstery;
  • wash metal and plastic parts regularly with detergents;
  • in case the furniture is collapsible or sliding, keep the transformation mechanism in working order, regularly lubricate it;
  • products made of solid wood regularly rubbed with polish, furniture wax or glycerin solution - this will save it from drying out;
  • products made of chipboard and MDF are afraid of moisture, you need to monitor the integrity of the shell or the laminating coating and prevent dampness.
  • mold and fungus can form in hard-to-reach and “blind” places, regularly check such places, in case of detection of their signs - disinfect this place with the help of special means.

Nice additions to simple things.

A kitchen corner is a common thing, and different manufacturers and designers lay in it various, non-obvious functions:

  • the transforming bench included in the kit can be sorted into several stable chairs or transformed, for example, into a table, then two full-fledged styles, set up next to another room, will give a large holiday table;
  • in case of large sizes, you can put the remaining guest on the sofa or bench;
  • the padded stool instead of stools and chairs gives the chance to store inside, for example, the tool;
  • under the seat of the sofa often also organized storage space, and even long or curved things can be stored.

What to look for when buying:

  • the table must be stable and moderately heavy;
  • complete stools rather than chairs;
  • the upholstery of the sofa or bench should be made using special furniture fabrics resistant to abrasion and dirt;
  • if there are leather or leatherette items in the upholstery, pay attention to the ways to care for them, they should be described in the instructions;
  • The bench or sofa should not slide on the floor, their heel pads and the table should be made of anti-slip materials.

Such furniture sets as a kitchen corner with a table and chairs gained popularity due to their ease of use, the coziness created in the kitchen, as well as the simplicity and variety of choices and ease of maintenance. To extend the functionality they can be equipped with a sofa and poufs. Before buying this category of product you need to think about where you will put it and how to use it.When your choice will be realized and weighed - you will not be disappointed in the purchase and will be satisfied with each day of owning it.

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