Glue "Moment Gel": properties and applications

 Clay Moment Gel: Properties and Applications

Glue "Moment Gel" - easy to use and effective tool designed for reliable bonding of various types of surfaces. The material is used both in everyday life and in various industries. It can “link” ceramic, porcelain, wooden, metal and plastic products. Ideal for cardboard, thick paper, leather and rubber.

Special features

The company "Henkel" produces 2 types of glue-gels: second and transparent universal. The first is designed for minor construction and household works. It consists of polyurethane, stabilizing components, acetone. With it, you can quickly glue horizontally and vertically located surfaces. Substance is issued in tubes on 30 ml.

Universal glue-gel refers to the contact types of materials. It is packaged in containers of 30 and 125 ml. Its main components are polyurethane substances. Full hardening of the universal composition occurs 3 days after bonding the materials. In this case, the product is allowed to use already a day after gluing.

Second and universal compositions have similar properties:

  • they are easy to use;
  • do not flow down due to optimum consistency;
  • have water resistance;
  • have high adhesion strength;
  • “Not afraid” of exposure to high and low temperatures, as well as temperature extremes;
  • resistant to alkaline and acidic compounds;
  • have a low consumption (up to 350 g per 1 m2 when applied to both glued surfaces).

Both types of glue belong to highly flammable materials. Due to the high risks of spontaneous combustion of compositions during storage and operation, it is recommended to keep them away from open fire and heat sources.

Scope of use

The second gel “Gel Moment” is used where there is a need for bonding or minor repair of damaged products.This composition has found its application in various workshops, the construction industry, and everyday life. The glue is capable of “tightly” bonding corkwood, plexiglass or foam rubber products.

It is suitable for almost all types of materials. However, there are some limitations. It can not be used for bonding polyethylene, propylene, Teflon. Also, the composition is not recommended for restoring broken dishes in contact with food.

Technology of work

Each type of glue-gel is attached a detailed description of its use, which must be reviewed before starting work. However, there are a number of rules that should be followed when applying the Moment Gel adhesive mixture. First of all, you need to carefully prepare the surface. To do this, it is cleaned from debris, dust and grease. Acetone or any other kind of solvent can be used to defat the bases.

It is important that the parts to be glued are not only clean, but also dry. During the work it is necessary to strictly observe the temperature conditions given in the instructions for the material.For reliable adhesion of products and improving the coefficient of fixation, the adhesive mixture is applied on both surfaces. After that, the materials must be pressed against each other in the direction from the central part to the edges (to prevent the formation of air voids).

Security measures

"Moment Gel" is a toxic substance that can harm human health. To minimize the negative impact of such adhesive composition, all work should be carried out in a well-ventilated area. Providing ventilation will help remove toxic substances, reducing the likelihood of poisoning by harmful fumes. If you ignore this rule, the master may experience headaches, dizziness, nausea.

During the work with glue it is necessary to protect skin of hands from hit on them structure. For this it is recommended to use construction gloves. To protect the organs of vision it is necessary to use glasses.

To remove residual dried glue from surfaces to be treated or from tools, it is recommended to use substances to dilute paint and varnish products.Fresh drops of waterproof glue are easily removed with a cloth soaked in gasoline. The structure which got on clothes can be removed only by means of dry cleaning.


Clay "Moment Gel" from the company "Henkel" - the leader in sales among similar products from other manufacturers.

The advantages of buyers include:

  • financial availability of adhesive material;
  • ease of use of the composition, provided by a convenient tube;
  • excellent adhesive qualities;
  • water resistance.

Consumers like that the glue is transparent, so that its remains on the products are almost invisible. Also, customers note a good viscosity of a substance, due to which the composition does not spread over the surface.

Some consumers noted some negative properties of the material. These include a sharp toxic smell of the substance and its flammability. Also, people expressed that the manufacturer is misleading customers, saying that with the help of glue-gel it is possible to firmly “bond” metal products. Judging by the responses, to achieve a reliable connection of metal surfaces is impossible, especially if in the future they will be subjected to mechanical stress.

In general, glue-gels have positive reviews. According to consumers, this is an indispensable tool in any home, which should be "always at hand."

In the next video you will find a review of the adhesive "Moment Gel."

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