Glue "Moment Joiner": characteristics and application

During minor repairs in the house there is a need to glue something, reinforce any part and so on. Most often this happens during the assembly of furniture, repair of chairs or cabinets. In this case, the universal glue will come to the rescue, namely: “Moment Joiner”, which will perfectly cope with such work. What types of this glue exist, and for which particular works it is suitable, we consider in the article.

Special features

To begin with, it is worth mentioning that “Moment Joiner” is not just glue, but a whole series of tools that will definitely come in handy during the repair, assembly or repair of furniture. All the tools in this series are excellent for both exterior and interior work. At the same time, according to manufacturers, the adhesive is suitable for both domestic and professional use.

Among the features and advantages of this tool, it is worth noting its versatility, but also reliability. Glue hardens very quickly.For example, at room temperature, just ten minutes is enough for the tool to grab, and the breakage was fixed. It should be noted that at higher temperatures, the tool seizes even faster.

The main feature of this glue is that it is characterized by heat resistance, water resistance and high strength. After the work with the glue is completed, it will not be visible at all, since after drying it becomes transparent.

This feature of the tool allows you to use it in working with various wood products.

Characteristics and varieties

As mentioned above, the glue "Moment Joiner" is divided into several varieties, and each tool has its own characteristics and its purpose.

Glue with the designation "Express" is available in various packages from 125 to 750 g. And there are also large packages in the form of buckets from 3 to 30 kg. This water dispersion agent is highly moisture resistant and is excellent for all types of wood, plywood, veneer, chipboard and MDF. But you can also use glue to work with facing materials and for fastening various fittings.It is important to note that the composition of this tool is not toluene and various kinds of solvents. After applying and bonding parts, the glue will set for fifteen minutes.

Another type of glue that comes with the mark “Universal PVA” can be purchased in a can from 250 g to 3 kg. This glue is excellent for working with all types of wood for their assembly gluing. It can also be used while working with materials such as plywood, MDF and chipboard. "Universal PVA" is suitable for some types of plastic and veneer.

It clings in a very short time, does not paint the wooden surface at all and leaves no traces after drying.

The red color of the product packaging marked “Super PVA D2” immediately attracts attention. This is a universal tool that perfectly copes with its work, is durable, reliable and moisture resistance. Glue is made without the use of solvents, which adds another plus to his piggy bank. This tool is designed to work with different types of wood, laminate, chipboard, MDF and other.Glue easily glues laminated and parquet coverings, plywood and even plastic. Another advantage of this glue is that it is great for working with paper. Available glue in tubes and buckets. You can find compact packaging from 125 g or large to 30 kg.

Another version of the adhesive from this series, which is somewhat similar to the "Super PVA", but has the mark "D3". Available in packs from 750 g to 30 kg and equally well suited for wood, plywood, veneer, MDF and chipboard. This material is highly reliable and durable.

The tool almost instantly glues the necessary parts and leaves no residue after drying. It was done without the use of toluene and solvents.

Another type of glue from this series is a tool that is available in jars from 100 to 200 g and is designated as “Instant grip”. This moisture-resistant adhesive is great for working with a variety of wood species. The tool is made on the basis of an acrylic water dispersion. He grabs in seconds. Just ten seconds - and the work is done. Glue is perfect for both internal and external works.It is applied easily and comfortably, after drying does not leave any traces.

It is important to remember that all these tools should always be tightly closed and stored at a temperature of no more than thirty degrees, but not lower than plus five degrees.


With regard to the appointment of one or another means of the series "Moment Joiner", it is important to mention that some of them are suitable not only for working with wood. For example, a tool labeled "Express" copes with the gluing of paper, thick cardboard and even straw. If the house has such glue, then it can be safely used to create a variety of crafts with children.

Also for handicrafts and paper work with glue with the mark "D3". In addition, this tool is great for the manufacture of doors or windows. As well as in the manufacture of various furniture for the bathroom or kitchen, since it has a high resistance to water.

Since many adhesives of the Moment Joiner series are considered to be universal, that is, a tool that is suitable not only for working with wood, but also for working with metal and PVC. The tool “Instant grip” can glue wood to wood, wood to metal or PVC.That is why it is used to perform not only minor works, but also for heavy repairs.


Joiner's glue comes in convenient packaging and is great for wood and more. Detailed instructions are on each package, so that even a non-professional will be able to make small repairs at home with this tool.

Before starting work, it is necessary to prepare the surface and the parts that will be used for repair. All parts that are planned to be glued together must be clean.

Carefully clean them from dust and other small debris. This can be done using any wide brush.

If you plan to work with wood, it is important to remember that the humidity of the parts should not exceed twelve percent, otherwise the gluing process may be delayed for a longer time. Work at low temperatures is not recommended. The temperature must be at least plus ten degrees. The ideal temperature for such work is plus twenty degrees.

Some products are recommended to be diluted before use, with the means of this series do not need to.Glue is ready to work, you just need to strictly follow the instructions.

During the bonding of parts it is important to firmly fix them to each other for at least fifteen minutes. Construction professionals in this case use a special vice. If the house is nothing like this, then it is quite possible to do with improvised means. Glued parts can be pressed down with something heavy, for example, a bound stack of books, a bucket filled with water, and so on. The main thing is that the heavy object does not move, otherwise the parts will be incorrectly glued to each other.

Usually glue comes in convenient packages in the form of tubes. This is very convenient if you need to apply a thin layer of glue. Cut off the cap so that you can then gently apply a seam of the desired thickness. To even the layer of glue on a large surface, you can use a brush or roller.


Virtually all types of the Moment Stolyar series receive positive feedback from consumers. Those who have already worked with this glue, note that it really dries quickly and is highly reliable. If with the positive qualities of products everything is clear,It is worth telling a little about the shortcomings of the glue, which were revealed during the work of those who left their feedback on the quality of products.

For example, if you take a product with the mark “D2”, then judging by the consumer reviews, it does not quite correspond to what is indicated on the package. Despite the indicated moisture resistance, it is still not recommended to use this tool for exterior work.

This glue is perfect for the repair of furniture that is inside the house, but for the garden - not perfect.

In addition, consumers note that this universal remedy does not cope well with the bonding of plastic. That is, some parts are glued together perfectly, but others are not. Unfortunately, the tool is not suitable for all types of plastic and, before starting repair work, it is recommended to test the glue on small parts of such material.

In general, with proper observance of the instructions and all recommendations, the glue shows itself very well in work, for which it receives numerous positive responses.

The glue test "Moment Joiner" is waiting for you in the next video.

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