Alarm for the garage: the main types and their characteristics

 Alarm for the garage: the main types and their characteristics

Every owner of any private property at least once wondered how to protect their property from uninvited guests. The urgency of this problem is confirmed by more than a dozen cases of robbery and theft. It is not always possible to be constantly in the same place, especially if it is a garage, and hiring a guard is very expensive. In such a situation, a very useful device will be an alarm system, due to which not only will it be possible to react in time to thieves, but also to save a good budget.

Special features

There are special places in which garages are under constant supervision of security personnel, but there are situations where specialized guards do not notice any kind of incident.The main role is played by the human factor. When using electric alarm systems, the safety of your garage, cottage or house will be provided almost 100%.

In case of suspicious actions in your property, the security system will give an alarm signal to the security desk, after which an outfit will leave for the scene, which will prevent illegal actions on your property.

Robbers can get into your garage in a variety of ways, so you need to protect the garage from any kind of penetration, for this you need to assemble a full-fledged autonomous GSM alarm system, which should have all the components.

These include:

  • Main panel With the GSM module - a kind of center of the entire system, thanks to which the alarm works and the information is sent to the security desk or telephone. The panel should be located away from the eye in some secluded place.
  • Opening sensorsthat work when you open the doors, windows or gates on which they are installed.
  • Sound and Vibration Sensors - they need to be installed in the place of the best audibility.An alarm is triggered when there are loud sounds or vibrations that occur when a wall or roof breaks.
  • Motion sensors - it is necessary to locate them along the entire perimeter of the garage so that each section, and most importantly - the entrance, would be in their area of ​​visibility. The signal is triggered when any movement occurs.
  • In some cases can install sirenif your alarm system is not tied to a security company. Siren - a device that with the help of sound can scare a robber, as well as attract the attention of people passing by.
  • You can also install microphonewhich will be used to obtain more accurate information from the scene of a robbery.
  • In addition to security alarms can set the fire alarm (sensor), which will help prevent a fire in your garage.


    All garage alarms are distributed according to the types corresponding to different characteristics.

    On interaction with software:

    • Centralized - a type of mechanical alarm system in which a warning signal interacts with the central system.First, information is sent to the central security station, where it is processed, and only then an alarm is sent. Basically, this type strongly depends on human factors, therefore, it cannot always guarantee timely response.
    • Standalone - an alarm system that operates without external monitoring and decides on the transmission of an alarm signal itself. The advantages of autonomous alarm are many. Firstly, the response time is reduced - information about anxiety comes much faster, so the guards manage to respond more quickly. Secondly, the cost of maintaining such an alarm system decreases, since it does not require the work of additional people (operators).

    It can also be noted that the management of this type is quite simple.


    Autonomous alarms are also divided by the method of information transfer:

    • Wired - A simple alarm system that uses wires to transmit information. Such a system has a considerable number of disadvantages. The main disadvantages are the dependence on electricity and the possibility of damage to the cable.After this damage, the alarm system stops functioning, and it takes a lot of time to restore it. Also, such an alarm is easier to notice the robber, as the cable in some places passes over the surface.
    • Wireless - An alarm that does not use cables during transmission. The disadvantages of this design are the high cost of equipment, which is compensated by a cheaper installation, and the dependence of the alarm on batteries or rechargeable batteries.

    Also, alarms can be divided according to their functionality:

    • Security - the alarm system necessary for detection of illegal penetration into your property by the motion sensor. It, in turn, is divided into sound and light subtypes depending on the sensors that are included in this system. Sometimes these two subtypes are combined in one.
    • Fire department - warning system, which gives a signal when a fire is detected for timely warning.

    Such a sensor responds to violations of the smoke.

    Fire department

    Sensor wiring diagrams

    To solve the problem of installing all sensors, you can resort to a simple variant of the scheme:

    • The opening sensor must be installed right next to the gate for instant response.
    • Motion sensors must be placed in opposite corners of the garage so that each meter falls into the field of view of one of the sensors.
    • The main panel of the device can be hidden in any part of the garage, but so that it is not noticeable, because it is the main component of the entire system, since this panel has feedback from the owner of the property.

    If you bind a cell phone SIM card to an alarm, the main unit will act as a message router.

    • Sound and vibration sensors should be located near the entrance and at the end of the garage for greater efficiency.
    • The siren must be closer to the entrance so that people passing by can hear it.
    • The microphone can be installed anywhere with good audibility.
    • The best place to locate the fire sensor is above the machine.

    In some cases, it is possible to use a signaling simulator, but this option can not guarantee one hundred percent security, because not every thief can claim this.

    How to install?

    Now a complete installation of any kind of alarm system costs a lot of money, so if you have at least minimal skills in working with GSM alarms, it will be much more profitable to make and install an alarm system with your own hands.

    This process takes place in several stages:

    • first you need to pull the element in the form of a ball from the motion sensor;
    • then you must pull out the board, opening the metal rivets;
    • then you need to connect the relay, siren and batteries to the sensor;
    • the next step is to install the siren and the unit as indicated above;
    • if you decide to install a wired alarm, you will have to carry out an underground cable so that the extra wires do not stick out and do not indicate the presence of an alarm;
    • Finally, you need to configure all the sensors for sensitivity and other parameters.

    If the system began to lose a signal, then to achieve maximum productivity, you can enhance the signal distributed by the main panel. To do this, you need to install a special wire to enhance the signal, which will contribute to a faster signal transmission.

    You can also add to the security picture by installing one or more cameras.which should also be connected to your device or security console.

    In the absence of such, a car recorder with batteries can be adapted as a filming device.

    Tips and tricks

    There are many nuances associated with the installation or use of alarm systems for garages. Their knowledge will avoid errors when installing the device. Here they are:

    • Before installing the alarm will have to at least minimally insulate the garage, because very few devices withstand low temperatures.
    • Putting the car will have to so that it does not interfere with any of the sensors, because for the full functioning of the system, each of them must be in working condition.
    • The purchase of each component must be carried out, after reading all the elements. Each sensor, alarm or control panel must be of high quality, multifunctional, and most importantly, reliable, so that the whole system works correctly. Do not forget that cheap equipment is not always high quality.
    • In order to always be aware of what is happening in your property, it is advisable to tie your SIM card to a SIM card inserted into the GSM module and receive all the information about what is happening on your cell phone.
    • Do not forget about the location of your garage and take into account all the features of such an arrangement, so that the signal of the incident reached quickly and in the best quality.
    • When choosing the type of alarm you need, you must take into account the characteristics and characteristics of each of them.
    • If the alarm system is linked to any security system, you should know the numbers of all the guards who can be contacted during an alarm in your garage.
    • If possible, install video cameras to fully observe the entire area of ​​the territory.

    A standard alarm system should comply with the following technical capabilities:

    • the most important thing is, of course, the timely determination of a dangerous situation;
    • prompt sending of SMS warning or / and warning to remote control;
    • timely notification of a temperature violation (if there is a special sensor);
    • removal / installation of alarm at a distance;
    • Removing / installing alarms using special keys.


    There are currently a lot of alarm manufacturers on the market,therefore, it is quite difficult for a simple user to understand this huge range. The alarm system is deserved by buyers. Intruder alarm. Its characteristics: the alarm kit includes an alarm device, a panel, and two control panels. A feature of this manufacturer is that all motion sensors and sirens are already included in the body of the alarm itself. The case is attached to the wall by a special hole, 4 batteries are inserted at the bottom of the panel.

    Motion sensor acts on a radius of up to 6 meters.

    Intruder alarm
    Intruder alarm

    The essence of the alarm is that after the sensor detects any movement, a loud alarm is triggered. This sound is able to scare away all unwanted visitors.

    Advantages of the device:

    1. It has no wires, which allows you to safely place it perfectly at any point of the object;
    2. Very simple operation and installation;
    3. Small size;
    4. Loud siren sound;
    5. The ability to install several alarms on one site, which increases the productivity of each of them.

    With a large number of advantages, such an alarm would be an excellent option for installation in your garage.

    Today, GSM alarm system is one of the best ways to protect your property, in particular, the garage. Such a system has a huge number of advantages and can guarantee you prompt communication of information about the incident. At the moment there is a huge selection of manufacturers and types of alarms, but you can choose the right one only by getting acquainted with the characteristics of each type. But whatever type of alarm you purchased, do not forget that you can not save on security, you need to buy only high-quality devices to protect the premises.

    High-quality and expensive alarms will pay off much faster than any cheaper counterpart that can fail you in a difficult situation.

    How to make the most simple alarm for the garage with your own hands, you can find out by looking at the video below.

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