German faucets: advantages and disadvantages

Modern market plumbing owns a huge variety of products. A simple man in the street alone can not choose a quality product, such as a mixer. All models are different in design, design, functionality. The huge choice of products is due to several reasons: manufacturer's competition, increasing customer demand, expanding the range. In this article you can find information about German mixers.


Now there are many ways of installation, which are reflected in the design of equipment. Therefore, you must decide in advance which model of bath is right for you and your interior. If you want to replace old equipment, you can purchase the same model, but an improved one.

The modern market of plumbing equipment offers 4 groups of models that differ in the method of control:

  • two-valve;
  • single lever;
  • sensory;
  • faucets-thermostats.

The first type of equipment is mainly used in sinks. Two-valve mixers are a tap and 2 valves.

Their purpose is to regulate the flow of hot and cold water. Single lever German mixer - a more modern model. Such equipment has only one handle.

Owners note the excellent design, ease of use of the mixer. The weakest place of the single-lever German mixer is the cartridge. Due to poor water quality, it can quickly become unusable. When installing additional cleaning water from rust and various particles of the filter equipment will work much longer.

Features of touch mixers and thermostats

The domestic plumbing market also offers thermostatic faucets. They are the main competitors of other models. Stylish design, reliable design, comfortable use, safe operation of equipment manufactured in Germany attract buyers. These mixers are made in the form of panels on which you can change the handle.The feature of the equipment is that the handles are used for different purposes: the first regulates the temperature of the water, and the second serves to turn off and turn on the water.

Moreover, the set temperature will not change until the next setting point. Also, thermostatic German faucets are responsible for safety, when the equipment is operated, water above thirty-eight degrees cannot be received, which prevents from getting various burns and injuries. The temperature of cold water is also limited.

German thermostatic faucets are suitable for people who have children. This sanitary device is safe and, most importantly, affordable.

Touch devices

German touch faucets are among the most sought after. Levers and valves are missing in their design. However, you simply will not be able to disassemble the device. Water supply is carried out thanks to a special sensor built into the body of the mixer. After the object disappears from the sensor's “field of view”, the water stops flowing.

This sanitary equipment is suitable for toilets in public places: cinemas, hypermarkets, cafes, shopping centers.Touch faucets also attract customers because they save water.

If you want to install the device at home, the housing bills will decrease significantly.

Features of the universal device

Because of the small area of ​​the bathroom, the owners have to install plumbing at a short distance. However, a universal German mixer with a spout of 30 cm or more will eliminate all problems. This equipment can be used both in the sink and in the bath. To do this, turn it in the right direction. Unfortunately, the universal mixer is not in demand. This is due to the fact that there are other models, the functionality of which is divided.

Best material

Many devices are made of chrome and brass. Mixers made from these materials are recognized as the most comfortable and safe. An additional nickel or enamel coating is applied to the brass structures, which makes the equipment shine.

However, the enamel coating has one significant disadvantage: it may be damaged and, consequently, the type of mixer changes for the worse.

Chrome devices are of the highest quality.They are produced by European companies, which once again underlines the reliability of plumbing.

Which brand to prefer?

It is no secret that in the modern market German manufacturers are at the highest position. Try not to buy cheap Chinese plumbing: the equipment is made of poor-quality materials, which can lead to deterioration of water quality. Without a specialist you will be very difficult to find a good model of plumbing equipment. By the way, you should not hurry with the choice, because the devices are purchased for many years of use.

Pros and cons of German mixers

The best mixers in the entire market on the right are German. They are characterized by characteristic features. One of the features is that there are a lot of models of German mixers. In addition, the products of foreign manufacturers are always very high quality. In the creation of plumbing used first-class materials. Such equipment will serve you more than 10 years.

Another distinctive feature of German plumbing is a stylish design. As for the shortcomings, they are practically non-existent. Buyers do not like the fact that repair centers and service is not enough.

Also, the owners note that German plumbing is often not suitable for domestic standards. And, of course, the main disadvantage is the high cost of goods.


The presented types of mixers can be classified by configuration. Single lever devices look like a normal faucet. Water supply is carried out in different directions. This type of faucet is very popular among users, buyers like the design of the equipment and, of course, reasonable price.

The design of two-valve mixers is slightly different: inside the device, the main element is the crane that controls the water flow. However, this link is considered the most vulnerable, because there are often technical problems.

Two-valve models - the cheapest in the market plumbing.

Touch devices are suitable for modern design. Water turns on when you bring your hands to the sensor. The temperature of the water can also be changed by palm movements. One of the features of this model include the fact that it has a LED backlight. Thermostatic equipment especially "monitors" the temperature of the water.This design looks like this: two knobs that regulate the pressure and temperature.

Plumbing Companies

There are many different German companies.

Among them is leading Hansgrohe. This company has been operating for more than 100 years. The manufacturers of this company produce three types of mixers: avant-garde, classic, modern.

AM PM - European mixers that combine German reliability and technology with new trends in Italian design.

Axor - "young" brand. The company became known only 20 years ago. The devices of this company are distinguished by the original design.


Grohe - one of the largest firms. This digging is known worldwide. The manufacturer’s range includes everything from a mixer with temperature control to conventional single-lever devices. The company also does not forget about new products; over the past few years, the demand for thermostatic faucets has increased. The price category of the brand varies in different directions.

The most affordable mixers from the company Elghansa. However, this manufacturer has exclusive devices. For average prices, this plumbing is very high quality.German devices of this brand are good in repair: it is very easy to find a spare part of the device.

Kraft fits any bathroom design. This manufacturer is in demand in the domestic markets. This company owns a large number of service centers.


Plumbing company Kludi considered high quality and very functional. When constructing devices, the manufacturer uses durable metals.

Firm Kaiser also known in the Russian market, however, not all buyers are satisfied. This brand has many analogues and copies. Moreover, the price of "copied" devices is the same as that of the original.


How to choose the right mixer?

Many experts will tell you that when choosing a mixer overpriced should not scare you. This is confirmed by reviews on the Internet. There are several points to follow when buying plumbing.

Price category

The cost of production must correspond to the quality of the device. You should buy plumbing with average prices. This allows you to avoid overpayment.


Any quality product comes with documents.These are various certificates, a book of use, a check and a warranty card. Always check their availability.

Consultation with the seller

German mixers, including the washbasin, are always made with a wide spout, which allows containers to be filled with water faster. It is also necessary to remember about the quality of the devices, because any element of the accessory can change the chosen model.

You also need to distinguish between all the proposed models of mixers.

Features of each model

In single-lever mixers, water flow is controlled by a ball mechanism or a removable cartridge. This mixer makes it possible to control the temperature of water and its pressure by moving the handle in different directions. This design also allows you to instantly turn off the flow of water.

The fame of the last century of faucets made them recognizable around the world. The design has two valves, each of which is responsible for a separate water temperature. The principle of operation of valve mixers is known to everyone: by turning off and twisting the valve, you turn the water on and off.

Thermostatic mixers have two knobs in a design, each of which is responsible for its purpose: the first is a water regulator, the second owns a temperature scale. Inside the device there is a special sensor that monitors the automatic water supply.

    Cascade mixers also feature a ball or valve type of water supply. A feature of this model is the form of spout, which can make waterfall water supply. Innovations in the plumbing industry are electronic mixers. They are made without taps and handles. The water supply sensor does everything for them. Also, the temperature of the water is automatically adjusted.

    How to choose a mixer, see the next video.

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